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Successful Case Sharing of Mobile App Promotion of Diabetes Heartland

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Diabetes Heart World began to be promoted in September 2013. The first version was Apple iOS 1.0. In December 2013, Diabetes Heart World launched the Android version, and then every 6 months, Diabetes Heart World will be upgraded. The current version is Version 2.1. Therefore, throughout the APP promotion process, the iOS version is promoted first and then the Android version is promoted, and the promotion focus is on the promotion of the new version.

iOS promotion 1: Pay attention to Apple AppStore medical classification list

As a diabetes health management app, the audience is relatively subdivided, and the pursuit of Apple AppStore overall rankings has low efficiency values. Therefore, the medical classification list is the key. We have steadily improved our diabetes mindset from the 1000th position to the 1st medical classification list. And long-term maintenance.


iOS promotion 2: ASO optimization improves Apple AppStore search ranking

Searching exactly matches user needs, so it is necessary to study the search behavior of Apple AppStore users. Through the ASO optimization technology, Diabetes Xintiandi has comprehensively covered popular medical applications, medical search hot words, and searched dozens of groups of medical search words such as "diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, insulin, blood glucose", and so on. Previous search results ranking. For specific app promotion operations, see: http://www.zesmob.com/app-promotion


iOS Promotion 3: Apple App Community & Medical Media Evaluation

We selected mainstream domestic Apple mobile phone forums and high-weight medical media for intensive soft text promotion to quickly build momentum for the new launch of the application and comprehensively increase the popularity of diabetes. See the blog post for specific operations.

Android Promotion 1: Mainstream Android App Store Medical Classification Ranking

When Diabetes Heartland was launched, we first considered the medical classification of the mainstream Android application market (360 mobile assistant, Baidu mobile assistant, etc.), and comprehensively increased the ranking weight of Diabetes Heartland through the application market launch and advertisement recommendation.

Android Promotion 2: Sina Weibo Creative Topic Marketing

In collaboration with KOL opinion leaders related to diabetes health, published creative microblog topics related to applications (family care for diet and health), and made comprehensive recommendations through the Sina Fantong advertising platform, which received 3.598 million readings, 1158 retweets, 167 comments and 1020 likes have detonated the spread of social media and quickly acquired a large number of accurate users for Diabetes.


Android promotion 3: search engine marketing promotion

Because Baidu's SEM promotion has restrictions on medical products, the promotion of search engines is mainly optimized for Baidu products, including the establishment of Baidu Encyclopedia, the release of knowing Q & A, and the basic marketing of video uploads in libraries.

Diabetes Heartland is a free medical mobile phone application designed to help Chinese diabetic patients better manage their health and pay more attention to precision users. Therefore, in the process of APP promotion , there is no point wall or other encouragement for users to download The promotion method is more about medical list ranking and media dissemination, which is convenient for target users to find, find, and be willing to try.

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