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Top 10 skin care products for pregnant women-top 10 beauty skin care products

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Top 10 beauty skin care products

First, many expectant mothers can't distinguish between skin care products and what brand of skin care products to use during pregnancy. For many skin care brands now very confused, the following is the ranking of pregnant women skin care products. You can use it as a reference.

Top: Moisturizing MOMFACE. PURESLAN Neroli Amino Acid Cleansing Cream

Advanced: American Palmer \ 's Yaer. Kangaroo mother

Intermediate: pregnant skin treasure. October angel

Second, how to choose skin care products for pregnant women?

1. Choose cosmetics that do not contain alcohol, hormones, heavy metals, mineral oils, and chemical fragrances. These ingredients are important for pregnant mothers,

The baby has a stimulating effect.

2. During pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers is particularly sensitive due to changes in the body's estrogen. So try to choose native

Cosmetics based on natural plant ingredients and mild nature.

3. Many pregnant mothers will choose to advertise baby cosmetics, but although this cosmetics has no irritating effect, but because it is targeted at babies

The design has limited effect on the skin. In other words, it costs nothing.

Requirements for skin care products for pregnant women

1. Acne control-some expectant mothers will develop acne during pregnancy, and some active ingredients in anti-acne products should be used with caution 3 months before pregnancy.

2. Cleanliness — The skin during pregnancy is very sensitive, and you should use a mild soap-free cleanser every time you wash your face.

3. Sun protection --- The skin during pregnancy is particularly sensitive to light, so you must protect yourself from sun at home or out.

4. Anti-spots ——— About 1/3 of pregnant women will have pregnancy spots during pregnancy. If you use mercury- and lead-removing products, you may “harm”

treasure. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original ecological pregnant women's skin care products as much as possible to do basic skin care and control the development of pigmentation.

5. Anti-drying-Some pregnant women have thickened stratum corneum during pregnancy, making the face particularly dry, so the use of original ecological moisturizing products is the focus of daily skin care.

Why use skin care products for pregnant women

1. Oily skin. Pregnant women's metabolism will slow down during pregnancy, and nutrients will accumulate in the subcutaneous fat, sweat glands, and cortex will increase secretion. These can lead to increased facial oil secretion and skin to become oily.

2. The skin is rough and dry. During pregnancy, due to increased hormone secretion, the skin does not have the previous luster, the skin is rough, and the face will have pigmentation.

3. Itchy skin. You feel itchy skin during pregnancy.

4, facial stains. Every pregnant woman has stains on her face. Although some can disappear after giving birth, maintenance during pregnancy is also essential.

Some skincare products for pregnant women:

1. Moisturizing MOMFACE

The leading international brand of skin care during pregnancy, the first brand of original ecological skin care for pregnant women. According to the statistics of Rubik's Cube: Pro-pregnant women's skin care products have been leading the Internet for many consecutive years, and have a good reputation. , The 6-piece set of deep moisturizing soymilk was successfully shortlisted in the "2012 China Beauty Best-selling Best-selling Item Award". Moisturizing products are known for their homogenous makeup, safety and mildness. Its raw materials are selected from non-GMO high-quality ingredients, imported from Japan's advanced skin care technology, professionally developed based on Asian women's skin characteristics during pregnancy and delivery. After safety inspection and sensitivity test by authoritative organizations, no harmful ingredients such as alcohol, mineral oil, heavy metals, hormones, dyes are added, and it can be used safely during pregnancy and lactation. The core product Soymilk series of pregnant women's skin care products, which has a nourishing and deep moisturizing effect, can help improve the skin problems during pregnancy and is loved by pregnant women. In addition, rice whitening series of skin care products, apple seed series of stretch mark repair products, etc., have gradually become popular in recent years, and have become the industry stars that lead the "more pregnant and more beautiful" breeding new fashion.

2. American Palmer \ 's Yaer

One of the world's earliest companies dedicated to the production of beauty skin care products. The cocoa butter in the product is a natural extract derived from cocoa beans, which can effectively soften the skin, remove stains and blemishes during pregnancy, and eliminate stretch marks. All products are refined from natural organic olive oil, VE, avocado (shea) and other raw materials. Its effect and safety have been verified in more than 160 years of clinical use in gynecology and dermatology in the United States. Especially known for anti-stretch marks, age marks, postpartum weight loss and natural organic olive oil series products. In the United States, pregnant women's skin care products must be on the list of Palma's stretch marks.

3.Pregnant skin treasure

In China, skin care products for pregnant women did not appear until 2004. Although the development of skin care products for pregnant women in China started late, it has developed rapidly. Yunfubao is the first domestic brand to enter the field of pregnant women's skincare products in China. It has cooperated with a number of institutions that have achieved outstanding results in the field of life sciences, and cooperated with dermatologists to track more than tens of thousands of maternal skin samples for more than five years After the research, we took the lead in addressing the special skin problems in the third, third, and third trimester cycles, and put forward the concept of "full facial care during the first trimester". All products of Yunfubao are refined from natural organic raw materials, without chemical additives. The original "external promotion technology of skin cell activity", its professional level is not inferior to or even beyond Clarins, especially in the care of facial skin during pregnancy. What ’s more, the local brand ’s brand communication ability is far less than the international brand ’s, which leads to its brand ’s reliance on word of mouth from pregnant women. Based on a comprehensive measurement, Yunfubao occupies the third place on the list.


New York, USA, a well-known daily skincare brand for pregnant women. The aromatic scent is very effective in relieving tension during pregnancy. Pregnant women with itchy skin during pregnancy can try Basq's nutrient-rich body oil to expel skin itching and increase long-lasting nourishment. It can also completely prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Various essential oils extracted by hand can be more easily absorbed by the skin. Is it sexy actress Angelina? Julie, Jennifer? Lopez's favorite products of celebrities, its star effect makes it ranked fourth in the list of pregnant women's skin care products.


The socially responsible pregnant woman skin care brand is the only company in the world that is engaged in the prevention and prevention of congenital malformations and birth defects. The standards for product safety requirements are recommended throughout the United States. Belli's products are extracted from natural organic ingredients, and each product is tested for sensitivity without comprehensive dyes and preservatives. According to the different needs of pregnant women at various stages, Belli provides thoughtful and meticulous services to pregnant women. From before pregnancy, during pregnancy to postpartum and even baby skin care, the Belli product line is very rich. Helpless pregnant women in Asia rarely know Belli, letting them occupy the fifth place on the list, a little aggrieved.


Betty Hot Girl's highly recommended products. The brand is a member of the Royal Society of Midwives. All products have been tested, used and recommended by the UK's authoritative fertility guidance agency, the National Fertility Federation (NCT). The product is rich in Omega369, which can effectively restore the skin elasticity of pregnant women. Selected by the British Daily Mail "TheDailyMail" as the most effective breast cream. It has been voted as the champion product of the US pregnant women's skin care list by readers of major magazines in the United States. Skin sagging and sagging is very effective.


Makimaodus, the chief makeup artist in Los Angeles, is passionate about creating a mother and baby skincare brand. The product highly respects the use of organic pure natural raw materials, which are all derived from plants, such as olives, red pomegranates, mangoes, lemons, carrots, soybeans and so on. Product safety, the production process requires aseptic, no additives, no chemical harmful ingredients. Logistics packaging requires environmental protection, lead-free, no toxic printing, etc., and strict production control. The product can effectively eliminate the pigmentation and stretch marks of pregnant women, and its post-operative scar repair cream has a unique effect on repairing scars left by caesarean section. Although its products are mainly aimed at postpartum scar repair, its excellent efficacy is still a strong reason to make it into the list of skin care products for pregnant women.

8.October Angel

Based on the nutritional structure of pregnant women during the maternity period and the safety of professional preparation, based on the basic concept of "professional products, special care, safe use, and assured care", only natural ingredients are used, only green technology is used, and only professional formulas are used. It can balance the nutrients needed for skin cells during pregnancy and birth, strengthen the skin microcirculation function, and provide comprehensive and professional scientific care for the skin during pregnancy and birth.

9, Jin Yunjiaoer

Developed with 100 pure olive oil, moisturizes the skin and protects against radiation.

10, Yun Miao

Yun Miao ECOMOM, a natural, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly green skincare product for pregnant women.

Top 10 beauty skin care products

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