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Why do blackheads crawl over the nose? Can the steamer remove blackheads?

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Beauty skin care to black beans, why the black head will crawl all over the nose? Can the steamer remove blackheads? There are moles on the nose, nose big, nose reduction, nose plastic surgery, red hair, nose reduction, the best shape of the nose, the reason to reduce the nose, the acne of the nose, the big actress in the entertainment industry, the beauty skin care to the black beans .

Speaking of blackheads, many girls will feel headaches and troubles, because they always feel dirty on their noses and dare not approach others or let others approach themselves. In fact, long blackheads are normal. When the problem is not serious, we are It can be done by yourself, convenient and simple, let's do it together!

Beauty skin care to black beans

Why do blackheads crawl over the nose? Can the steamer work?

For many friends, the skin is good, but there are blackheads. From a perspective, severe blackheads will affect your overall beauty .

What causes blackheads?

The first culprit: fierce sunlight

It is a natural factor that protects the skin from sunlight. Under the sun's rays, melanin floods into the pores and becomes black dots after the oil hardens.

The culprit two: Improper use

In order to give the skin the best cleansing and nourishment, many people always spend a lot of money to buy expensive and maintenance products. However, in fact, excessive sebum secretion, etc., is often caused by using the wrong skin care products.

The culprit three: hormonal imbalance

When hormones are imbalanced, adrenaline and androgens also become higher. The secretion of the cortex increases, which in turn produces blackheads.

Reason 4: High temperature environment

When the ambient temperature increases, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase. Secretion of oil increases, and blackheads form after oxidation in the air.

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