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Beauty and skin care: what to do with long blackheads? Inventory 5 advantages and disadvantages of blackheads

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Beauty skin care to black beans, beauty skin care: What to do with long blackheads? Inventory the 5 ways to remove blackheads. Why are blackheads on the face? What are the reasons for blackheads on the face? What are the reasons for blackheads? Beauty skin care, beauty skin care tips, beauty skin care techniques, honey beauty skin care tips, beauty skin care website, beauty skin care tips, beauty skin care to black beans.

Blackheads are oxidized by the secretion of oil from the skin, so they are endless and annoy women. There are many ways to remove blackheads, such as nose patches, beauty salon needle picks, baby oil massage, and essence export. There are many ways to remove blackheads in the end. Let ’s take a look together.

Pull off mask and nose patch

Pros: Peeling masks and nose patches are the most effective way to remove blackheads, and they can clean up a lot of dirt.

Disadvantages: Peeling the mask is easy to make the pores on the nose larger and looser. The main thing is the strong skin adhesion, which will damage the skin around the pores and produce more inflammation.

Suggestion: Usually pay more attention to the care of the pores, so as not to let the dirt on the outside enter the pores and form blackheads over time. It is best to apply firming lotion after application.

Beauty salon professional pick

Some pick it with acne needles, and others suck with instruments like small suction cups.

Advantages: quick results, significant effects.

Cons: It hurts! After picking a red nose, and picking it once in a while, it is very troublesome.

"Baby Oil" Massage Method

Advantages: Fine massage can be pressed one by one in half an hour, which is very fulfilling.

Disadvantages: However, it is too greasy to wash, and it is easy to block pores and cause a lot of redness if you use it continuously.

Refining Essence Blackhead Extraction Liquid Refining Cleanser

Advantages: According to the instructions, massage without washing your face, only a few minutes before you feel the particles come out. Then wash your face with a cleansing milk, which is dewy and cool, not bad. Then re-toner and rub the essence in T zone.

Disadvantages: The skin is resistant to drugs. It is okay at the beginning. It has no effect for a long time, and depending on the skin type, some people have no effect.

Blackhead machine

Advantages: Professional blackhead removal tool, more thorough.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to operate, but it is easy to open the pores, and it can be used for mild blackheads, and it is used for killing chicken gizzards.

" Beauty and Skin Care : What to Do with Long Blackheads? Inventory the 5 Ways to Remove Blackheads":
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