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Winter beauty skin care tips to keep you away from dry muscles-beauty skin care tips

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Women are made of water. If you want your skin to be beautiful and tender, you need to focus on hydrating and moisturizing work. Quickly look at the winter beauty skin care tips.

Winter beauty and skin care tips one: drink plenty of water

The important thing is to say three times, drink plenty of water, drink more water, drink more water. When the body loses water, it will dry the skin and reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, which will cause the skin to lose elasticity and even wrinkles. So, think To keep your skin tender, drink plenty of water.

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Winter beauty and skin care tips 2: Wash your face with warm water

In winter, girls ca n’t wash their faces with supercooled or hot water. This will make the skin drier, even peeling, and the oil on the face will be lost. Therefore, use warm water when washing your face, and do not wash your face too often. So as not to damage the skin's natural protective film, the skin will not function as a moisturizer.

Winter beauty and skin care tips 3: lock moisture

Many MMs soon become dry again after using skin care products . This is because the skin's water retention is not good, and the water is easy to lose. To lock the water, you must add oil. After taking the toner, Then use lotion or cream to lock skin moisture.

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Winter Beauty and Skin Care Tips 4: Use Air Humidifier

White-collar workers staying in the office every day, dry air will make the skin more dry. Maybe use a humidifier indoors to increase the humidity of the air, which can reduce the evaporation of skin moisture, but it should be noted that the humidifier should not face the face directly. !!

Winter beauty skin care tips five: more massage

Take a few minutes every day to massage the facial skin, and follow the facial muscles and blood vessels to massage from the inside out to promote facial blood circulation and achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin.

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