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Interview with fashion beauty skin teacher Shen Yuhang, reveal the secrets of star maintenance

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Interview with fashion beauty skin teacher Shen Yuhang, reveal the secrets of star maintenance

When I saw Shen Yuhang for the first time, how could he not be connected with the word fashion, this temperament male god is today's protagonist-Shen Yuhang.

Teacher Shen Yuhang, a well-known domestic nutrition and skincare fashion expert, a super nutrition beautician, has been awarded the title of "Top Ten National" lecturers in Yi's home for seven consecutive years. Mentor Award "," Top Ten Mentor of the Year in Central Plains Region "and other awards. Now Shen Yuhang has signed a beauty skin mentor for Beauty 丨 Public Account.

It is an honour to invite Mr. Shen Yuhang to accept our interview this time. The following are recorded interviews:

Reporter: Teacher Shen Yuhang, can you tell us your original intention of choosing the skin care industry at that time?

Shen Yuhang: Actually, the idea was quite simple. When I was in college, my skin was not in good condition. I would often stay up late and have a lot of acne on my face. I didn't care about it at first. Later I couldn't help it. I have seen Chinese medicine and bought various skin care products, but it still doesn't look good. So I bought a few professional books on endocrinology and beauty and researched them by myself. Then he slowly healed his face. At that time, I felt that I had talent, so I joined the skin care market as soon as I graduated.

Reporter: Many girls now love beauty and often buy various skin care products. Does Mr. Shen Yuhang have any selection experience to impart to our little friends?

Shen Yuhang: Many girls now follow others blindly. Fan Bingbing is using this mask today, and Yang Mi is using the night cream tomorrow. In fact, celebrities are not necessarily suitable for themselves. They have their own skin care experts to help them choose skin care products that suit their skin, and we should also choose products that are suitable for them according to their skin texture and skin condition.

Reporter: I remember that you put forward the nursing concept of "three points of external support and seven points of internal adjustment" long ago. There was also a big controversy in the industry for a while, but now it should be recognized by most scholars and consumers. Now, can you tell us what you think about your views?

Shen Yuhang: For good skin care, internal adjustment plus external support is essential, because both scientific research and practical proof have proved that my concept must be correct, and internal and external training can only achieve best effect. Speaking here, I have to mention the close relationship between collagen and the human body and skin, because collagen accounts for more than 30 of human body protein, and even accounts for 70 in the dermis. As early as 1731, the father of the world ’s collagen-cloth Dr. Rand said, "The process of skin aging is the process of collagen loss." It has indeed been fully confirmed in my years of deep communication learning, and I have no doubt about it, so now I have always insisted on internal adjustment and supplementation of collagen.

Reporter: On the road of beauty experts, will you continue to do it? Are there any plans to create a brand in the future?

Shen Yuhang: For 7 years, I can't simply say that it is a job. I think it is more a career. Because I like it, I insist. Seeing my students' transformation is not only from an image, but also from a physical and ideological perspective. This feeling is exciting, proud, and excitement that cannot be expressed in words. In the future, I will always insist on doing my own business. As for the establishment of a brand company, I haven't considered it, because now there are mature brands and there is a strong scientific research team behind it, then what I want to do is guidance, product screening, or as a consultant.

Reporter: Thank you very much, Teacher Shen Yuhang, for the busy schedule of the interview. Today ’s interview is about to end. We hope that he can get better and better in the beauty and skin care industry he loves, and lead more women to the road of refinement and fashion.

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