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With research and development as the core, the development of DR.LPX beauty skin care

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With research and development as the core, the development of DR.LPX beauty skin care2019 / 12/2411: 42: 56

In the 21st century, where R & D and innovation are valued, almost every big company and brand realizes the importance of technology. Only by mastering advanced technology can we be in a better position in business competition and not be eliminated by the times and the market. . DR.LPX skin care, which understands this reason, has paid great attention to research and development since its inception. Its team integrates high-end academic achievements at home and abroad, constantly innovates, and produces higher-quality beauty skin care products . The goal of the century-old brand goes one step further.


(DR.LPX beauty skin care product map)

The person in charge of DR.LPX beauty skincare once said in an interview: "To say what the brand's competitiveness is, this is a complex made up of the brand's multifaceted strength. Although the composition of each brand's competitiveness is different, I I believe that the core of its competitiveness must be research and development, and this part of the strength will also affect the future development of the brand. "Therefore, DR.LPX beauty skin care centered on the world's top skin care team-the father of hyaluronic acid Ling Pei Xue team, and Shandong Fu Ruida Bioengineering Co., Ltd. joined forces to rely on the technological advantages of Furuida Pharmaceutical Group and Shandong Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences to focus on the research of hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid biological skin care technology, and develop a suitable Asian for consumers A range of skincare products for skin.

The DR.LPX beauty and skin care research and development team is headed by Mr. Ling. He has been engaged in the research and development of beauty and skin care since the end of the last century. During this period, he has won many awards and honors. Foreign academic conferences, to grasp the latest research results, whether it is familiar with hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, nicotinamide, etc., or the recent hot small molecule oligopeptides will appear in their test list. Recently, they have developed hyaluronic acid moisturizing sub-polishing essence after tens of thousands of safety tests. Using hyaluronic acid as the matrix between skin cells, it can inhibit the oxidation and proliferation of cells in skin cells, and at the same time promote the absorption of water molecules and accelerate Cells repair the skin's properties, giving consumers vitality after use.


(DR.LPX beauty skin care product map)

In the independent research and development of DR.LPX beauty skin care, the cost of investment has always accounted for the bulk of corporate costs. When the brand just set up the R & D team, it built a number of R & D rooms in accordance with international standards, and introduced a number of advanced R & D equipment at home and abroad. Now, DR.LPX beauty skin care also invests in R & D with a certain percentage of funds each year. Scientific research teams can better conduct research and development. Thanks to this, a number of products developed by DR.LPX Beauty & Skin Care have far exceeded their peers and their sales have already exceeded 10 million.

Adhering to research and development as the core to maintain high-quality products is the development of DR.LPX beauty skin care.

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