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Winter skincare has new recruits Chongqing Gome hot selling beauty skincare artifact recommended

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Source time: 2019-12-18

The arrival of winter, many friends should feel the dryness of the climate, whether indoors or outdoors, the tension caused by dryness is very uncomfortable. 2019-12-18

Hualong.com-New Chongqing client at 19 o'clock on December 18th (correspondent Peng Jie) The winter is coming. Many friends should feel the dryness of the climate. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the tension caused by dryness is very uncomfortable. At the same time, the constant stimulation of cold wind and heating makes the shiny and plump skin become dull and rough, lack elasticity, and even produce wrinkles. In this case, good skin care products are indispensable. In addition to daily moisturizing after washing, proper massage maintenance is also essential. Here are a few of the best-selling beauty skincare artifacts in Gome. White and tender skin will make you shine in winter.

Golden Rice Upgraded Thermal Spray Facial Hair Straight Comb Set Two Pack

"Rehydrating" is a must-do job for beautiful female friends. Moisture is an indispensable element for the functioning of skin cells. This design is exquisite and simple. The steamer uses a horn-shaped spray port, which can echo the body. The exquisite workmanship is elegant and generous, and it can also fully emit steam. The one-button operation switch on the front of the machine is simple and convenient, allowing you to easily do SPA at home. The Golden Rice Hair Straightener quickly creates your perfect hairstyle. It heats in 30 seconds, and has a double-layer anti-scald safety design. Six gears are suitable for different hair types. They refuse to be mediocre and meet different people every day.

The small V face is also called awl face. It is one of the most popular face shapes in today's women. If you want to reduce the V face, you must exercise your face. This beautiful 3D roller beauty stick is born for this purpose. It lifts, tightens, and massages the skin through physical rolling to achieve functions such as thin face, anti-aging, swelling, and fatigue relief, and ultimately restores the elasticity of the muscles. In addition, it also has the functions of slim body, slim legs and slim legs. It is made of metal alloy, diamond-cut 3D rollers, water-resistant, and throws away your excess fat.

Washing your face is the first step in daily maintenance. Only the skin care products behind your face can be effectively absorbed. This Fidelity Luna Wonderful Face Washer uses medical silica gel for cleansing the skin. It uses T-SONIC vertical transdermal sonication technology and soft and delicate silicone, which does not cause rejection and allergic reactions. No need to change the brush. The head, molded brush face is tailored to different types of skin quality, and it is a safe, gentle and effective anti-aging cleansing instrument on the market. The soft and delicate silicone can also deeply clean the pores, removing excess oil, aging cutin and makeup residue. The soft and delicate silicone reduces skin irritation, and users can choose their favorite color.

Countless layers of application, absorption is the king, lifting and firming, driving away fine lines, is not a dream. You need a magnetic induction instrument. Magnetic ion dual nutrition introduction. Enhance the product's multiple penetration, introduce water cream and mask essence, and improve skin care effect. imade magnetic induction instrument, Armini's multiple core technologies, care for beauty, let the essence penetrate into the bottom of the muscle, promote blood circulation to lift and tighten, and drive away fine lines! Gome can buy beauty at home and easily make your skin invisible!

Winter beauty and skin care should not be ignored, and we must pay more attention to it. The trick to stay young is not to make quick successes, but to build up over time.

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