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Small and medium-sized beauty and skin care brands in Zhejiang

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News Zhejiang Small and Medium-sized Beauty and Skin Care Brands

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Small and medium-sized beauty and skin care brands in Zhejiang

In order to prevent the customer from canceling the care after making an appointment with you, be sure to call one day in advance to confirm whether the customer can come and the specific time of the customer's arrival. If the customer cancels, you can arrange other customers. If the customer is late, you can tell her gently that being late will cause the next customer to wait, so she has to shorten the service time for her, so she can remind her to come to the hospital on time next time. When making an appointment, let the customer understand the service procedures of the beautician. All services are carried out in accordance with the process. It is not easy to adjust arbitrarily, otherwise it will disturb the service time of the beautician and other customers.

All fire safety facilities and equipment should be configured according to regulations, fire safety signs should be set up and should comply with the requirements of the "Fire Safety Signs", and should be placed at designated locations. Fire safety facilities and equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that Fire-fighting facilities and equipment are intact and effective, and storage of bad items should comply with fire safety regulations. The floor should be skid-proof and clearly marked. Beauty service personnel should also have knowledge of fire safety, and fire safety administrators should be provided in the store.

In the face of entangled customers, first analyze whether the customer is entangled in product type or entangled in product price. For the entanglement of product types, this has a strong consumer intention, but it is not clear which one will be better. Therefore, we will introduce to customers in detail the differences between the two products and the effects. According to the skin condition of the customer, make a choice for the customer, and give the customer advice, which type of skin condition should be suitable for her. As for the tangle in product prices, this type of customer actually has a strong consumption intention, because she has this demand, but may have limited spending power, so it will be more difficult, but we should not give up, we should tell customers Understand and advise customers to leave information on customer files, telling customers to notify them when doing promotional activities in the beauty salon, it is more cost-effective to buy at that time. Regardless of whether the customer spends in the end, but the beauty salon left a good impression in the heart of the customer, as long as you enter the store is a potential customer of the beauty salon, cherish every customer who enters the store.

Heloskin is a leader in the beauty of physics and technology in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it was established in 2014. It adopts advanced physics and beauty technology and adheres to the "skin-free, no-manipulation, no-add" technology skin-beauty concept, bringing satisfactory results to millions of customers. At present, in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Anhui, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Ningxia, Guangxi and other places, nearly 100 stores have been opened and under construction nationwide! The meaning of Helo: H: health, health; E: happiness and joy derived from Egyptian representatives; L: long, long-term; O: obtain, gain, popularity, existence; Heloskin: hello skin, is derived from our A new understanding of skin!

Skincare products for professional cinemas are a good choice for customers who care about maintenance. Nowadays, people have a lot of pressure on their lives, a lot of work pressure, serious environmental pollution, and poor skin and physical conditions, so they need targeted maintenance. To let customers truly understand the characteristics of professional products and feel the skin care charm of professional products, customers will naturally buy a lot. After letting customers generate purchase intentions, we must find ways to stimulate customers' purchasing emotions and sell them to customers in a combination. When necessary, you can also do some limited sales, such as how many times a customer does care, how many special products can be purchased for how many yuan, so as to stimulate their desire to buy. It can also be paired with promotional activities to make customers buy more with discounts.

Choosing a good brand is reassuring

Heloskin must always provide technology projects and light luxury services to customers in each market. We must create a better consumer experience for our customers. In the entire service from initial experience to follow-up treatment, the effect is the focus, and our goal is to exceed the customer's expectations in terms of results.

Cooperation is only one step! We are more interested in the success of your store

Heloskin should be a more sustainable beauty choice where company-wide awareness of effectiveness is one of the elements of our quality products and services, and we have invested a lot of resources in promoting sustainable development.

Healthy and beautiful skin comes from scientific management. Next, Mumu will follow you Heloskin star project Babyface water oxygen.

Skin testing, professional and skin testing, get skin information, provide care advice, personal customized solutions for the face, to achieve true scientific maintenance.

The mask of the high-purity oxygen mask enjoys firming the skin, brightens the skin and increases natural gloss. This big hood will release oxygen and music, so you can finally relax and rest completely. The skin condition is different immediately after finishing the face! Very warm experience!

The customer wants a whitening product, but you recommend her a bean removal product. If it was you, did you buy it? It is difficult to make people accept and buy products without taking the right medicine according to the actual situation of customers. Customers ask for product knowledge such as product effects, ingredients, and advantages compared to other products, and you can't say why. Poor interpretation skills, not enough knowledge of the product, it is difficult to convince the customer of what you are selling, and you already know the product and beauty knowledge, so that you can have the confidence, you can confidently explain any problem to the customer, the customer will There is a desire to consume.

From a health perspective, explaining the relationship between beauty care and health will make customers refreshing and full of attention to you. Remember that the richer the more you are afraid of dying, so if you talk to the other party about health, she must Interested. When you want to persuade customers, it is very good to provide a money-saving solution from the customer's point of view. Calculating money for the customer can narrow the distance between the beautician and the customer and make the customer feel that they are in a camp. Here, the beautician who will make the customer pay the most is the person who will pay the customer the most, because women like to calculate, calculate to find out that it was so cost-effective, immediately patted the thigh and did it!

In the process of providing care to each customer who enjoys the service, the beautician will sell the product to the customer, which requires the beautician to have certain sales skills. So, how can a beautician quickly promote customer transactions? Many customers are hesitant when buying beauty salon products, because they do not have a professional understanding of beauty product items, and customers have concerns in their hearts. At this time, the beautician should quickly dispel the customer's concerns, so that they can trust the products they introduce. Beauticians can compare products with products to make customers more convinced and buy products with confidence.

Small and medium-sized beauty and skin care brands in Zhejiang

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