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Teacher Lin Chuan interviews well-known domestic skincare experts

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Open a fashion magazine and let us see that the most familiar faces are star celebrities, but there is another person who is neither a celebrity nor an artist, but they are much loved and respected by the media, and their appearance in the fashion media No less than a front-line artist. They are beauty experts. This is a beautiful and noble profession, but also a respected and glorified profession. They use their enthusiasm and rich professional knowledge to convey beauty to us and dedicate it. As a senior skin beauty expert, Teacher Lin Chuan has great authority and influence in the field of beauty and skin care ! Today, he accepted an exclusive interview with the editor to answer the most difficult and common beauty problems in life for female friends.

Because the interview time was scheduled with Mr. Lin Chuan before the editor, so before this interview, I watched a lot of previous interviews and reports. The content mostly focused on the topic of brand and skin care concept. So this time, I want to pick some issues that netizens are most concerned about and talk to Teacher Lin Chuan. I hope that Teacher Lin Chuan's answer will help more female friends to correctly understand the problems that are plagued by beauty and skin care.

Editor: Many friends are thinking about a problem. The same cosmetics company may have several brands, but there may be a big gap in price. So what is the difference between our price of 800 yuan and 200 yuan? Are higher-priced ingredients better than cheaper ones?

Teacher Lin Chuan: First of all, the most expensive skin care manufacturers will definitely use better quality raw materials, so the cost will be relatively higher. However, the investment in advertising and product packaging is also one of the reasons for the high product prices. As for the high-priced ingredients, they will be better than the cheap ones. I can only say that the high-priced products may not use the good ingredients, but the good ingredients will definitely be invested in the high-priced products. I think premium ingredients are generally more expensive. In addition, the brand itself has its own value, which is directly related to the price of the product.

Editor: How do you look at the development prospects of Chinese skin care brands? What advice would you give a local skincare brand as a veteran of cosmetics?

Teacher Lin Chuan: The development prospects of Chinese local brands are very good, because they understand the needs of the Chinese better, but some local brands now pay more attention to packaging and imitation. Good products must respect science, and only scientific formulas can achieve real skin care rather than concept.

Editor: Many beautiful women are very enthusiastic about natural DIY skin care. Does this kind of beauty have effective skin care? Will it hurt the skin?

Teacher Lin Chuan: DIY materials are mostly related to daily food and plants. They are only natural plants, and most of their effective ingredients are not absorbed by the skin. If it is DIY science, so many research institutions spend huge sums of money on the meaning of skin care products. what is it then? Speaking of DIY, its effect is more helpful to psychological awareness. As for whether it is harmful to the skin, I think that most of the things DIY uses are not harmful to the skin itself. It is just that in the process of enthusiastic DIY, if we ignore the use of real skin care products, over time, the problem of skin aging may become more prominent .

Editor :: How do ordinary consumers identify organic skin care products in the easiest way? Are organic skin care products the safest skin care products?

Teacher Lin Chuan: There is no way to identify. If ordinary people can identify skin care products, millions of millions of instruments are not needed to test the quality of cosmetics. Our safety considerations should be placed on the integrity of the brand. Therefore, ordinary consumers can simply identify skin care products without the need for science. In addition, organic and safety cannot be equated. Not organic and natural things can have a good effect on the skin. We should not look at only one aspect.

Editor: With the social pressure and the increasing number of people with allergies, sensitive skin has always been a difficult problem in the field of beauty skin care. So which skin care products should people with sensitive skin choose to be safer?

Teacher Lin Chuan: First of all, pressure and sensitivity are not necessarily proportional. In the past, people did not pay much attention to sensitive issues, but now they pay more attention. Naturally, they find that many sensitive issues appear. The environment, diet, pollution from urban construction, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, etc., may increase the sensitivity of the skin, which comes from comprehensive reasons. Changing skin care products too often can also cause skin sensitization. As for which skin care products should be used for sensitive skin, I think this is determined by personal skin characteristics and cannot be generalized.

Xiao Bian: Many friends complain that eye creams do not play a big role at all, even for some big brand eye creams that cost thousands of yuan, and some eye creams can also cause fat particles around the eyes. How do you view this problem?

Teacher Lin Chuan: Fat granules exist in the eye itself, which has little to do with the eye cream itself. Just whether the texture of the product you choose is right for you.

Editor: Does the daily application of the mask put a burden on the skin? Some masks will feel tingling when applied to the face. Will this hurt the skin?

Teacher Lin Chuan: There will be no burden, but you must use a moisturizing skin cream after using the mask. If you do not moisturize, your skin will dry out. As for the tingling, the skin itself is dry, and the absorbing ingredients will have a tingling sensation, which has little to do with the mask itself. A regular good brand mask will not harm the skin.

Xiao Bian: Whitening needles are the secrets of many beautiful women to maintain their beauty. What kind of constitution is not suitable for whitening needles? How often are injections safer?

Teacher Lin Chuan: I'm not sure about the safety of whitening needles. Its main ingredients are sometimes complicated, and they also contain vitamin C and antioxidants. Whether the country is approved to use whitening needles in the field of beauty is still unclear, because injection belongs to the medical field and goes beyond the general concept of beauty. You need to consult the relevant doctor.

Editor: Is a skin care product with a shelf life of 3 years closer to the shelf life?

Teacher Lin Chuan: It may be that the skin care products oxidize during your use and make the skin care products less effective than before, but in general, the shelf life of skin care products is no problem.

Editor: Today is an era when skincare experts are more experienced. Many makeup artists have also become skincare experts unawarely. As an authority in the professional field, how do you define the identity of beauty experts and skincare professionals ?

Teacher Lin Chuan: First of all, this is a good thing, there are more willing to join the beauty ranks. But experts do not rely on marketing to determine whether a person is an expert. We have a lot of experts in all walks of life who are not well-known, nor will you be famous like a star, which does not hinder their work.

Thank you very much Teacher Lin Chuan for asking us more questions about skin care this time, and I hope to have the opportunity to interview Teacher Lin Chuan again next time.

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