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What brand of beauty instrument is good? No longer choose it for skin care troubles! 丨 Aiken Power Grid

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With the popularity of home beauty devices on the Internet, many people have been planted with various home beauty devices. Because modern people know the importance of maintenance, but sometimes it feels that the high-end skin care products bought for a lot of tickets are not very effective after use. In fact, the nutrients in skin care products may not be completely absorbed by the skin. Of course, we It can be massaged by hand, but the absorption promotion effect is really limited. Therefore, the recommendation of beauty instruments for various skin care effects has attracted widespread attention. In the face of a variety of beauty instrument products on the market, what brand of beauty instruments is good?

Beauty brand is good

The skin care industry has entered the era of bottlenecks. Wanting to achieve a qualitative improvement of the skin from the inside out, in fact, it is very difficult to rely solely on skin care products, because skin care products can only act on the surface of the skin and can hardly enter the deep skin. The beauty instrument can use physical, electronic technology, optics and other methods to directly affect the dermis layer, so the home beauty instrument has become the most popular skin care product. Facing the countless beauty instrument brands on the market, how to choose?

Beauty brand is good

UGS Cleansing Device: UGS is a brand of UONI Yuri Co., Ltd., focusing on high-end medical beauty and skin care brands. It uses multiple advantages and multiple tests and tests to provide consumers with solutions that can solve skin problems. Various products. Youjishi Silicone Face Washer is not the same as our usual ones. It uses a new upgraded handle design, which can prevent bacteria from attaching to the hands, will not affect the cleanliness of the face, and clean the dead corners such as the nose. 100 times. Ultrasonic vibration technology per second can massage while cleaning. This cleansing device improves the disadvantages of the previous silicone cleansing device, so it has become one of the most popular cleansing devices in Japan.

Beauty brand is good

ReFa Massager: ReFa Massager is arguably the hottest beauty device. Its working principle is mainly based on imitating the microcurrent of the human body to increase the elasticity of our skin and achieve the effect of lifting and tightening. In terms of use effect, there are 4 types for face, head, body, and face and body, each of which has several styles. In addition, the ReFa massager also has a good promotion effect on the absorption of subsequent skin care products.

Beauty brand is good

Hitachi N4000: mainly uses electric ions to achieve cleansing and moisturizing, and achieves the purpose of skin beauty according to physical principles. The thermal head can open pores, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, expel toxins, and soften the skin's cuticles, break down the skin's surface oil, and so on. Nutrition introduction is to make the water-soluble nutrients penetrate into the deeper skin more effectively, and directly provide skin nutrition, which can effectively decompose the pigments and pigments in the deposition site and play a role in deep skin tightening.

What brand of beauty instrument is good? When choosing a product, you must choose a beauty device produced by a regular manufacturer, so as to bring security to the face.

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