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Whitening skincare 6 peels to help you easily get it

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What are the skin care tips ? Everyone knows the benefits of fruit to the body, but many people are used to peeling the peel. In fact, fruit peels can beautify the skin, such as grapefruit peels, anti-inflammatory, acne-proof, apple peels, anti-aging, grape skin peels, and anti-wrinkle. The following 6 kinds of peel peel girls feel like storing them.

Lemon peel: moisturizes and smoothes the skin

Soaking lemon peel in bath water will not only make the fragrance of water fragrant, but also the oil and nutrients contained in lemon peel will nourish the skin. If lemon peel is often used to rub the rough skin of hands, feet or other parts, it can gradually make the skin tender and smooth.

Grapefruit Peel: Anti-inflammatory and Acne

Grapefruit peel contains essential oils, which can be extracted as fragrance, cosmetics, and germicidal substances. The flavonoids contained in pomelo peel have obvious anti-inflammatory effects and specific conditioning effects on inflammatory acne.

Apple peel: anti-aging

Apple peel is rich in pectin and dietary fiber, which can promote bowel movements. It is also rich in vitamin C, anthocyanins and other polyphenols. It has strong antioxidant activity and can resist aging.

Dragon Peel: Increases Smoothness

Anthocyanins in the fruit of pitaya are very nutritious. Anthocyanins have great anti-oxidant function and can keep activity in human blood for 75 hours. Breaking into mud for long-term drinking will not only improve the smoothness of the skin, but also make the skin beautiful. Be sure to pick fresh peels!

Banana peel: beauty skin care

Fresh banana peel can be directly applied to the extremities to help whiten and moisturize, and it can be dried and ground into powder. Drinking daily can better obtain the whitening and antioxidant effect. However, once the banana peel is blackened and oxidized, it can not be applied and drink Oh.

Orange Peel and Orange Peel: Hair Beauty

Put orange peel or orange peel in hot water and use it to wash your hair to make your hair smooth and soft. In addition, orange peel and orange peel can be used to wash the face, which has the effect of whitening the skin.

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