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British national skincare brand BULLDOG bulldog brings many media to decrypt men's skincare tips

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British national skincare brand BULLDOG bulldog, with multiple media to decrypt men's skincare tips Source: BULLDOG bulldog2019-12-0402: 31: 00 Tags: British national men's skincare brand BULLDOG bulldog Architectural Sinan Mansion hosted a unique Chinese brand conference and officially announced its entry into the Chinese market.

On December 3, 2019, the British national brand BULLDOG bulldog held a unique Chinese brand conference at the Centennial Building Sinan Mansion and officially announced its entry into the Chinese market. At the press conference, the founder of the Bulldog Bulldog brand Simon Duffy personally told the story and development history of the Bulldog Bulldog brand. At the same time, on the day of the event, BULLDOG Bulldog's strategic layout for the Chinese market, both online and offline, was announced.

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BULLDOG Bulldog brand was founded in the United Kingdom in 2005 and is a personal care brand focused on. Through more than a decade of precipitation and development, the Bulldog Bulldog has become a word-of-mouth brand for men's skin care products in the UK, and is known as a "friend of a man." One of the main reasons why BULLDOG bulldogs are popular with men is that they are designed for men.The products are made of natural ingredients and do not contain artificial colors and synthetic fragrances.They try to satisfy men's pursuit of nature and make men look refreshing. Stay in top shape at all times.

Men's Beauty Skincare Brands

At this press conference, the products of BULLDOG bulldogs were also unveiled. The classic series and the clear series are rich in natural organic ingredients, which can effectively remove greasy and clean pores. It has also won various international men's grooming awards. Combining professionalism and beauty, the bamboo shaver comes with a red body constitution. It quickly became popular soon after it was launched. It won the "Best Shaver" award in "Men's Health" in 2019. In addition to product demonstrations, a trial link was added to the conference site, and guests at the venue could feel and experience the charm of the Bulldog Bulldog products from zero distance.

Men's Beauty Skincare Brands

In addition to natural product ingredients, the Bulldog's social responsibility is also commendable. As the first batch of pilot projects of the International Animal Free Organization (CFI) Rabbit Jump Certification and a brand of personal care products, BULLDOG bulldogs always adhere to "zero cruelty" and reject any animal experiments. In addition, the Bulldog Bulldog is also certified by the British Association. All products of the brand are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In addition, the packaging of BULLDOG bulldogs has shifted to the use of sugarcane plastic in an effort to make their own contribution to the protection of the environment. At the press conference, the CEO of the International Animal Free Testing Organization MichThew also expressed his blessing to BULLDOG's entry into the Chinese market, meanwhile, said that both parties are working together to realize China's vision of gradually ending cosmetic animal experiments on the regulatory level.

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At the conference site, the Bulldog Bulldog also invited the leaders of Fengxian District Government and partners of the Bulldog Dog Bulldog's online and offline channels.Everyone welcomed the Bulldog Dog Bulldog entering the Chinese market. Some outlook and planning after the market.

Men's Beauty Skincare Brands

The holding of the Chinese brand conference was an important milestone for the Bulldog Bulldog. BULLDOG Bulldog has been committed to the research and development of men's skin care products.It has accumulated a good reputation in many countries and regions in the world for many years, and China is the world's largest and fastest-growing cosmetics and personal care product market, and continues to grow. In China, the presence of BULLDOG bulldogs is inevitable for the development of the brand. At present, the products are on sale and related. At the same time, it also injects new activities and brings new experiences to the Chinese men's skin care market. In the future, the Bulldog Bulldog will adopt a diversified sales system covering online and offline to bring more fashionable and advanced skin care concepts and experiences to Chinese men, become men's friends, and strive to create a new era of men's skin care.

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