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What brand of beauty instrument is better? Professional beauty instrument skin care effect is better 丨 Aiken Power Grid

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Today, as material wealth is gradually increasing, many people are very willing to invest in their own beauty. In addition to clothing, beauty and skin care also occupy an important part. The beauty instrument is an indispensable beauty skin care tool for many beauty lovers in modern times, and it has become very popular in the market in recent years. As the market demand continues to expand, there are more and more related products in the market. Hundreds of thousands of beauty equipment, not price-friendly. How to buy a good beauty instrument? What brand of beauty instrument is good?

There are many types of beauty instruments on the market. Technically, there are ultrasonic beauty instruments, RF beauty instruments, and phototherapy beauty instruments. In terms of efficacy, there are products such as whitening, cleansing, blemish, face reduction, anti-aging, and acne treatment. With the segmentation of the beauty instrument market, many professional brand products have appeared on the market.

Clean beauty instrument

Representative product: UGS Ultrasonic Cleansing Device

UGS is a high-end medical beauty brand owned by UONI Yuri Co., Ltd., which is committed to the development and production of high-end beauty instrument products. UGS Handheld Silicone Mushroom Cleansing Apparatus uses Japan's advanced medical sterile silicone cleansing material. It is the most popular silicone cleansing product in Japan. It can effectively clean the dirt adhered to the skin without hurting it 100 times per second. The skin has a cleansing and massage effect on the skin.

Beauty brand is good

Massage beauty instrument

Representative Product: ReFa Micro Current Massager

ReFa is a brand of massage beauty equipment launched by MTG Co., Ltd. ReFaCarat is a beauty massage artifact that is popular in Japan and sells well in Japan, China and even the entire overseas market. The ReFa ball massager has a built-in solar energy measuring plate, which can absorb light to generate a large amount of microcurrent. By simulating the “kneading” method of a professional beauty masseur, it deeply massages the skin, effectively promotes skin metabolism, tightens the skin, and improves skin relaxation.

Beauty brand is good

Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Instrument

Representative product: YA-MAN RF beauty machine

YA-MAN Yameng was born in 1978 and is a pioneering brand of Japanese beauty appliances. YA-MAN RF beauty instrument uses LED lighting, import and export, RF radio frequency and other technologies, can sense the temperature of the skin, effectively promote the regeneration of skin collagen, enhance skin elasticity, and whitening and rejuvenating effects.

What brand of beauty instrument is good? There are more and more beauty instruments on the market, and different products have different effects. Selecting targeted products has more obvious effects. For cleansing instruments, you can choose UGS excellent muscle poetry, ball massager can choose ReFa brand, if you want to whiten and rejuvenate, YA-MAN Yameng RF instrument is a good choice. Of course, if you want to have a good cosmetic effect, you need to start from many aspects. Cleaning is the foundation, and other maintenance and care must be performed at the same time.

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