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Yadene sets off a new wave of beauty and skincare to help blackheads

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To remove black beans from beauty and skin care, Yandien has set off a new wave of beauty and skin care to promote black hair. The meaning of boosting the waves, synonymous with boosting the waves, what does boosting the waves mean? Skin care websites, beauty skin care tips, beauty skin care to black beans.

Recently, the reporter found that a beauty skin care product called ELECION Blackhead Net Suction Set is quietly setting off a new trend of beauty skincare . As if all the beauty people suddenly started talking about how to effectively eliminate blackheads, after After investigating and interviewing, the reporter learned that it was the new natural skin care series launched by Yandene Company after the raspberry polyphenol series that caused the upsurge.

New berry polyphenols contribute to the flames

In the end, what kind of product has so many people discussed and faced the problem of blackheads on their skin, and gradually set off this "natural beauty" skincare trend? How to effectively remove blackheads has always been the biggest problem in skin care, and it has been difficult to achieve satisfactory results for a long time. The ELECION Blackhead Net Suction Set can effectively dissolve this problem. It seems that this new product can make everyone It's not surprising that attention is high.

Afterwards, our reporter also interviewed Professor Vivienne, a member of the China Beauty Association and the chief consultant of Indene Company. She put forward her own views on this: "As a beauty skin care product , the most important thing is the actual use effect, which can get consumers It is natural to be so fascinating. This is because the Yadene cosmeceutical series has always adhered to the concept of natural cosmeceuticals, so its products are also very different from ordinary beauty skin care products . Most people are sure. "

ELECION Blackhead Cleansing Kit has the function of dissolving and emulsifying blackheads. The OPC corner plug blackhead derivation solution contained in the product has the OPC blackhead emulsifying patent system (OPC antioxidant and lecithin composite essence), which can penetrate into each hair follicle. Inside, it promotes the reduction reaction of stubborn blackheads and acne, emulsifies from larger solidified hard matter into small or liquid emulsified matter, and peels off from the inner wall of the hair follicle, so that it can be absorbed more quickly and thoroughly. Except clean.

And its own powerful blackhead removal effect, the ElecIon corner blackhead net suction membrane product is based on the deepest seabed mud 6.4 kilometers from the bottom of the Dead Sea (using the finest particles and the richest mineral content) as the base material. The nano-needle cutting technology degrades the extremely small mud-like particles into nanoparticles smaller than 10 nanometers. These nanoparticles penetrate into each pore and strongly absorb the oil, dust, keratin, and makeup residues in the pores. At the same time, they release a large amount of mineral nutrients that can improve the skin's function, so that the skin is ideally nutritious.

Acne Net Set

It is reported that this product has begun to be sold in various places. It has been favored by consumers for some time and has gradually set off a wave of beauty and skin care . Here, the reporter reminds consumers to identify product trademarks and Yadene anti-counterfeiting logo, do not buy fake and shoddy products.

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