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Shanghai Huamei Medical Cosmetic Hospital Shanghai's first 5A plastic surgery hospital

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Source time: 2019-12-27

With the background of per capita disposable income and the overall improvement of consumption levels, the general public's acceptance of medical beauty is getting higher and higher. Plastic surgery seems to have become a household behavior that changes appearance and image. However, when choosing a hospital, many beggar seekers have fallen into confusion. Medical beauty is not a trivial matter. It is not only about appearance but also safety. During the rapid development of the medical aesthetics industry, chaos frequently appeared, leaving many beauty seekers wondering how to choose.

In order to regulate the development of the medical and aesthetic industry and provide more reliable standards for aesthetic seekers to choose hospitals, China Plastic Surgery and Beauty Association has developed corresponding rating standards and evaluated various medical cosmetic institutions based on the standards, which has become an important basis for aesthetic seekers to choose hospitals.

The chaos in the medical beauty industry is frequent. Where do the seekers go?

Undocumented institutions, false propaganda, security risks ... Many institutions seize the desire of beauty seekers to be eager to change their beauty, and only seek short-term profitability. They are not responsible for beauty seekers, and have made many beauty seekers in trouble. Many beauty seekers do not have a clear understanding of the choice of plastic surgery institutions, and even some simply judge the technical level of a hospital based on the simple impression of the hospital's luxurious appearance.

When choosing a medical beauty institution, there are three things that must be looked at. One is medical qualifications, which requires a Medical Institution Practice Permit and a Business License. You can also check the hospital's qualifications on the official website of the National Health and Health Commission; the second is the hospital environment. The safety and health environment and basic equipment that reach a standardized medical level can provide safety guarantee for the operation. The third is medical services, in order to serve the beauty seekers with a sincere attitude and provide the best solution, in order to ensure the effect of the operation.

The 5A standard has been released, which has become an important basis for choosing a hospital

In order to regulate the development of the medical and aesthetic industry and protect the rights and interests of more beauty seekers, entrusted by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the China Plastic Surgery and Beauty Association officially promulgated the "Evaluation Standards for Medical Cosmetology Institutions" to regulate the internal management of hospitals, ensure patient safety, and clinical technology. Strength, quality of medical services, and level of medical services are evaluated. The rating standard implements a thousand-point system, and those with a score of 950 are 5A (highest).

Shanghai Huamei was awarded 5A, determined to provide better services for beauty seekers

With years of development, Shanghai Huamei has a perfect management system, excellent medical services, and continuous improvement of clinical technical strength ... Standing in Shanghai has attracted many seekers of beauty. Shanghai Huamei holds a responsible attitude towards the beauty seekers. During the inspection and selection process of the China Plastic Surgery and Beauty Association, Shanghai Huamei Medical Cosmetic Hospital actively applied for, checked up, and demonstrated its own strength. Finally, it was successfully rated 5A.

This signifies that Shanghai Huamei has been recognized by the China Plastic Surgery and Beauty Association, and it also encourages Shanghai Huamei to continue to provide better services to beauty seekers. In the future, Shanghai Huamei will continue to strengthen strict requirements in all aspects, according to the requirements of the association, enhance its comprehensive strength, and provide a more secure plastic environment for those seeking beauty.

The big waves have begun to see gold, and excellent medical beauty institutions will eventually rely on strength and reputation to stand out. The 5A standard provides a good reference for beauty seekers to choose a plastic hospital. Being responsible for yourself and carefully selecting a plastic surgery hospital is also a necessary preparation for every beauty seeker in advance. I hope that those who seek beauty will brighten their eyes and realize their dream of becoming beautiful.

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