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One needle and one line need to be careful, and then choose your eyes. The plastic surgery experts in the four hospitals reminded that "beauty" drive should pay attention to the safety and standardization of medical beauty.

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Not long ago, Ms. Bai, who was still looking for a suitable job for more than four months after graduating from university, went to a plastic surgery institution in Beijing for double eyelid surgery. "This is what I would like to discuss with my classmates when I am about to graduate at the end of June this year. I used to think that my eyes were not big enough and looked a little swollen. After listening to classmates saying that there are discounts for summer vacation appointments, we were tempted. The lady said that she and her classmates felt that "beauty" could bring more opportunities for herself. Today, women as the absolute main force in the US army are affected by overwhelming information. You may not be unfamiliar with advertisements like "Special Plastic Surgery in Graduation Season". Behind the numerous advertising campaigns of medical and aesthetic institutions, there is a growing medical and cosmetic market in recent years. However, cases of "disfiguration" against cosmetic surgery are often heard. In the mixed market of medical beauty, how can the beauty "engraved" guarantee safety? When medical beauty comes to people in a more civilian way, it seems more tentative and timely. How to treat medical beauty rationally? Dong Xiaohong, member of the Plastic Surgery Association of China Plastic Surgery Association, executive director of China Plastic Surgery Association's Beauty and Regenerative Medicine Branch, and member of Inner Mongolia Plastic Surgery Association, director and deputy chief physician of Plastic Surgery of Baotou Fourth Hospital reminded that the growing market Behind the illegal medical beauty needs attention, it is very important to choose a legal and compliant institution. Patients and consumers must brighten their eyes and beware of the beautiful “traps”.

Differentiate life beauty from medical beauty

Female friends are beauty lovers. In order to make themselves more beautiful and attractive, their skin is better, and people look younger, many people will be beauty. The "cosmetics" we discuss daily can be divided into life beauty and medical beauty. Medical beauty means medical beauty.

Medical cosmetology uses drugs, surgery and medical equipment to perform invasive treatment on the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of cosmetic treatment such as reshaping and repairing the body shape and skin. Life beauty uses non-medical means such as cosmetics and non-medical devices to perform non-invasive beauty treatments on the human body such as skin care and massage with maintenance or health care.

"Brow eyebrows, double eyelids, photorejuvenation, hair removal, injection beauty, etc. belong to medical beauty. Life skin care, moisturizing, protection, cleaning, hairdressing, pedicure, facial massage, etc. belong to life beauty. Medical beauty includes TCM beauty, oral beauty , Skin cosmetology, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery that everyone hears about is just a small part of it. Medical cosmetology is mainly targeted at cosmetic surgery. For example, anti-aging and retrogradation need to be completed in medical cosmetology institutions, and medical cosmetology institutions It must be approved by the health care institution, and it must have a certificate of practice, a nursing team, a team of doctors, etc. "Director Dong said.

Qualification level process steps must be clarified

Driven by the ever-changing "beauty", the business of "beauty" has become a new outlet. Medical beauty chaos exists, but no one wants to encounter it. Unqualified medical institutions and doctors practice outside the scope, low-qualified institutions and doctors engage in highly qualified surgery, and life beauty institutions provide medical beauty services, etc. There are major risks and hidden dangers. However, as patients and consumers, we must not only look at the effectiveness of advertising and listening, but also “how long we have to know”, understand the qualification level, communicate with doctors in depth, and undergo various professional examinations. There must be no preoperative links.

"The medical aesthetics industry is similar to our usual visits to hospitals. There is a process from taking a medicine, injection and infusion to the last operation. Medical aesthetics also has this process. As a medical cosmetologist, specific details can only be determined after diagnosis. Treatment methods, treatment plans, and standardized treatments. From light to severe, from simple to complex, from local treatment to holistic treatment. A patient came to us to put forward his own treatment requirements, and we paid full attention to her. Concerns. For deep skin or professional treatment, everyone must choose a regular medical and cosmetic institution. "Director Dong said.

The data shows that in the ten years since the emergence of the plastic surgery industry in China, there have been nearly 20,000 complaints of disfigurement due to plastic surgery every year, a large part of which is caused by "three non-surgery operations" (non-medical cosmetic institutions, non-doctors, and informal medicines) Cause. Most patients are disfigured due to consumption in home-style beauty salons.

Director Dong appealed to those who love and seek beauty to be vigilant, identify carefully, and seek medical advice carefully, not to fall into the "three non-surgery" trap, and be careful of "micro" plastic surgery and "critical" plastic surgery.

"Take injection beauty as an example. Because of the large demand, small trauma, and high acceptance, people are very enthusiastic about injection beauty. But you may not know that there are many products for injection beauty, such as botox, hyaluronic acid, PRP, etc. The treatment time, injection dose, and operation methods are very particular. The qualifications and standards of doctors are a big problem, the effectiveness of product specifications is also a big problem, and the prevention and control of infectious diseases is also a problem that needs attention. Now many drugs and institutions on the market listen to their names. However, if you do not choose the right one, there are big hidden dangers. Polishing your eyes and knowing yourself can protect your safety and health and reduce the incidence of complications. Advanced equipment is not enough. If you want to be successful in medical treatment, 7% Ten thanks to the doctor's judgment and operation, the doctor must be professional. "Director Dong said, prudent and rational mentality, standardized and correct institutions, professional and meticulous doctors, legal and correct equipment and drugs, these are all essential.

Correct mentality is healthy

In many "post-90s and post-00s" perspectives, successful plastic surgery may be exchanged for more social and job opportunities. Some people think that getting good-looking is a fashionable "just-need". Snake face, innocent eyes, net red nose ... Dong Xiaohong often hears similar plastic needs: "Some young people will take a star photo and let the doctor shape a certain part. Everyone has the heart of beauty, but It is not advisable to blindly pursue the face of a star. "In Director Dong's view, young people are affected by the star effect and have a certain degree of blindness:" Such a nose looks good on someone's face and on another face, just Not necessarily fit. "

Director Dong proposed that the mentality of choosing plastic surgery in pursuit of fashion is also not desirable: "The popular red face this year may change in a few years. In the treatment, in addition to choosing a professional doctor and institution, it must be rational and realistic. Do it in a standardized way. We must pay attention to our mentality. We cannot trust others and do it nicely. This is a wrong concept. "

Expert introduction

Dong Xiaohong, Deputy Chief Physician, Director of Plastic Surgery of the Fourth Hospital of Baotou, Member of the Laser Cosmetics Branch of the Chinese Plastic and Cosmetic Association, Standing Member of the China Plastic and Cosmetic Association's Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Branch, and Member of the Inner Mongolia Plastic and Cosmetic Association.

He has studied and completed master degree in plastic surgery hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital and Dalian Medical University.

Comprehensive development in orthopedic trauma repair, congenital deformity repair, scar plastic repair, repair after cosmetic failure, surgical cosmetology, laser cosmetology, injection cosmetology, etc .; the overall design of medical cosmetology focuses on segmented and personalized maintenance and The beauty concept of integrated treatment has rich clinical experience of combined or single-use technology; in medical aesthetic treatment, it is based on the fine and aesthetic individualization of surgery and treatment, and it has proposed surgery and a variety of laser and non-surgical methods at the same time. Participation in the concept of balanced facial rejuvenation has been admired by beauty lovers.

Plastic Surgery, Baotou Fourth Hospital

Established in 2013, Baotou No.4 Hospital Plastic Surgery is a new discipline based on the orthopedic specialty and co-developed with cosmetic surgery, laser cosmetology, and injection cosmetology.

After three years of development after the establishment of the department, a talent echelon with Director Dong Xiaohong as the leader of the discipline has been formed. Currently, the department has 1 deputy chief physician, 2 attending physicians, 1 resident physician, and 2 nurses in charge, including 3 of them. The physician is a graduate student.

After continuously improving the construction of the department, the department has successively introduced the Italian Sutton radio frequency knife, a centrifuge for fat transplantation, a medical doctor M22 treatment instrument (IPL ResurfX LP1064), a medical doctor carbon dioxide lattice laser, a medical doctor moonlight hair removal, The medical dual-source ultrasound therapy instrument, Sano Xiu Q-switched laser C6, and multi-polar RF skin tightening therapy instrument have formed a relatively complete optical treatment system.

Services that can be carried out include:

1. Plastic Surgery: Common plastic surgery includes traumatic debridement and plastic surgery, scar plastic surgery, and common congenital malformation.

2. Cosmetic surgery: face rejuvenation such as double eyelids, eye bags, raised eyebrows, drooping upper eyelids, facial wrinkles, hair transplantation, autologous fat transplantation and other facial rejuvenation operations; conventional nasal plastic surgery, prosthesis implantation operations such as rhinoplasty Longyao, etc .; body mass removal, small incision underarm odor treatment, external genital reshaping, etc.

3. Laser beauty: treatment of various skin stains, treatment of blue and black birthmarks, various scars, tattoo treatments, treatment of various skin masses; facial skin rejuvenation, firming, whitening treatment, body fat remodeling, etc.

4. Cosmetic injection: botulinum toxin injection (breast lines, eye corner lines, frontal lines, masseter muscle hypertrophy, etc.), hyaluronic acid injection to fill beauty such as rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, abundance of time, filling of tear grooves, etc.

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