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Which school is good for pet grooming in Guangzhou

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Famous teachers teach the class by hand, the students practice together, and the real dogs are on site

Combination of theory and practice, detailed teaching at each step

Tips and tricks to keep each student in control of each technology

Course selection

Moe Department Intensive Course

Pet clothing design class

Zero Foundation Short-term Internet Beauty Course

Five advantages to make you comfortable learning

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Why did you choose this industry? Cute Pet Beauty-New Employment Options for the Future

At present, the pet industry in China is developing rapidly, and families in 12 Chinese cities keep pets. The average annual growth rate of the pet economy is above 30

Growth in pet consumption

The pet owners' consumption willingness is very strong, and their consumption behavior is more routine. According to surveys, 99.8 pet owners are willing to pay for pets

Institutional Selection Guangzhou Jasmine Garden Pet Grooming Training 400-029-0979 ext 20119

Institutional advantages: "Delicate" pet grooming teaching and professional store instruction courses for each student!

Guangzhou Lemico Pet Beautician School 400-029-0979 ext. 27286

Institutional advantages: Cultivate highly skilled personnel in China's pet industry

Guangzhou VIP House Pet Beauty Club 400-029-0979 ext. 152036

Institutional advantage: Open VIP House pet grooming club and become the first purebred dog culture communication agency in China

Guangzhou Sidi Pet Beauty Training Institute 400-029-0979 ext. 20662

Institutional advantage: Strive to witness your progress in every lesson

Environment Show Which School of Guangzhou Pet Grooming Training Class is Good With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people keep pets, resulting in the rapid development of the pet industry. However, pet groomers have become relatively lack of positions, and they are even more popular. If you want to engage in pet grooming, you need to learn and understand a lot. Below, I will take everyone to learn more about the real pet grooming. About pet grooming and pet groomer training industry knowledge introduction At present, China's pet market is still in the making

Mention pet grooming, I believe everyone is no stranger, but everyone who knows how to raise pets should know it. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people keep pets, resulting in the rapid development of the pet industry. However, pet groomers have become relatively lack of positions, and they are even more popular. If you want to engage in pet grooming, you need to learn and understand a lot. Below, I will take everyone to learn more about the real pet grooming.

Knowledge about pet grooming and pet groomer training industry

At present, the pet market in China is still in its growth stage, the pet market is booming, and various pet grooming training schools are springing up. Although compared with foreign pet grooming schools, pet grooming schools in China are still in the growth stage. Although the public's love of pets has begun to expand, the disorderly competition in the market, the disorderly breeding and unscientific, and the irregular management lead to complete An orderly industrial system is far from being formed, and pet consumption and pet services have thus become a new economic growth point. Pets are more and more loved by people, bringing people innocent happiness and becoming close friends of humankind. The development of pet grooming schools has thus bred tremendous potential. We have reason to believe that pet grooming schools in China are constantly being improved and developed, and gradually go global.

Pet groomer certificate exam guide

The pet groomer grade is a division of the pet groomer's professional and technical skills and teaching ability. The familiar pet groomer is divided into three levels: C, B and A. In fact, pet groomers are also teacher , Judging level and master level. In Japan, there is also an assistant level, which is below the C level. The classification of pet groomers is determined by the association through corresponding examinations.

If you want to pass the level test of professional pet grooming training, these review materials are indispensable!

1. The basic shape of the standard Pomeranian should be full of beauty and vitality. The incorrect description is ().

A, plump body B, sufficient hair C, head with a long shaft shape, flat head cover D, short face is better, eyes protruding, oval

2. The breed of dog known as "music in dogs" is ()

A, Boxer B, Beagle C, Chow Chow D, Shar Pei

3, dark brown or black soft stool, mud-like stool, with a strong rotten odor, the cause that can be ruled out is ()

A, gastrointestinal ulcer B, leptospirosis C, dog fever D, hepatitis

4. The precautionary measures for canine ascariasis do not include ().

A. Pay attention to environmental hygiene. B. Reduce contact between dogs. C. Remove feces in a timely manner.

Participate in pet grooming training or learn pet grooming, these experiences are useful!

First of all, learning pet grooming is not difficult. Learning pet grooming is just like learning other professional skills. It requires a combination of theory and practice. Only then can you really learn pet grooming technology. When learning pet grooming, it would be much more beneficial to have a Dogog teacher to guide you. Because in autonomous learning, you will definitely encounter difficulties. You may not be able to get answers for a long time on a question. If you are instructed by a teacher from Pedog, you can imagine that the problem will be solved quickly. The practical ability has been improved, and the learning experience has also grown a lot. A good way is to find a well-known pet grooming school to learn regular pet grooming techniques.

Introducing professional pet groomer training expertise

Choosing a pet grooming school first depends on the school's teaching strength. Teaching is the core of the school. Secondly, we need to look at the school's software and hardware. The school's hardware settings, operation management, and logistics are a visual manifestation of the school's comprehensive strength. The school's software and hardware can't keep up with it, so that students can devote themselves to learning? Finally, it depends on the work of the students in the school. The works of the students in the past period have proved the school's ability to train the students.

Pet grooming course training or pet grooming knowledge quiz summary

Is there a future for pet grooming?

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more pets are kept. The pet industry has also grown rapidly. However, pet groomers have become relatively scarce, and more and more people want to learn pet groomers. The average salary of pet groomers is higher than that of blue-collar workers, and pet groomers start their own business as bosses. A few high school graduates who study pet grooming do not have to go through the post-college job stagnation period and do not have to worry about finding a job. The pet groomer's fashion industry has entered a high-paying industry.

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