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Jinan Strait Plastic Surgery for National Aid Plastic Surgery A08 Edition: Special Edition 20190319 Issue Jinan Times

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Source time: 2019-03-19

Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. Many beauty-loving people want to make themselves more beautiful through the way of plastic surgery. With the continuous rise of the plastic surgery industry, some "illegal institutions, illegal doctors, illegal products" exist, but Harm to the beauty and health of seekers. On the March 15th International Consumer Rights Day, the "Qilu Medical Beauty Alliance 2019 Annual Meeting" was held at the Jinan Strait Cosmetic and Plastic Hospital. Major medical beauty brand manufacturers, medical beauty institutions, medical beauty online platform representatives, and major media reporters Gathered together for the voice of hairdressing, advocating "far away from the three non-standards and standardizing beauty". Assisting beauty lovers to the National Special Fund for Medical Assistance and Rehabilitation

On March 15th, Straits Plastic Surgery, which is one of the national chain brands and one of the larger professional medical and aesthetic plastic surgery institutions in Shandong, was awarded the "China Plastic Surgery Association Medical Assistance and Repair Fund Jinan City Designated Hospital" by the China Plastic Surgery Association. The unveiling ceremony was held simultaneously at the press conference.

In order to assist those who have been injured by the "three nonsenses" and need repair, and family difficulties, or their lives are affected by their appearance, Straits Plastic Surgery has launched the "Medical Assistance and Repair Million Special Fund" with major medical beauty brand manufacturers, The launching ceremony was held at the press conference. At the same time, the Straits Plastic Surgery is aimed at assisting people who have failed in plastic surgery such as eye, nose, and chest, and other Aimei people who are in need of assistance. Those who meet the requirements can get 20-100 fee reduction assistance. Up to now, many people have consulted and applied through Straits official micro, official website and hotline.

Dean Zhai Ying of Straits Cosmetic Surgery Hospital introduced that as the designated hospital of Jinan City for the medical assistance and repair fund of the China Plastic Surgery and Beauty Association, the start-up assistance fund reached one million yuan. The purpose is to cooperate with major medical beauty brand suppliers to assist those affected Non- "injury needs repair, and people with family difficulties or appearance problems affect their lives, so that they can enjoy formal medical beauty services while regaining their beauty and confidence. And in this form, pass the beauty and positive energy, call on the industry to standardize medical practice, let the beauty seekers know and stay away from the "three nonsenses", and seek beauty safely!

Some time ago, a Ms. Li (pseudonym) of Jinan injected rhinoplasty in an illegal plastic surgery studio. After being injected with unknown fillers, she had adverse consequences. Finally she found Straits Plastic Surgery for help as a "three non-" The injured beauty seeker also came to the scene of the press conference, and will personally advocate everyone to seek beauty reasonably and safely.

Dean Li Deqing of the Jinan Straits Cosmetic Surgery Hospital introduced that Ms. Li was injected with a so-called "hyaluronic acid" in a small clinic outside of China five years ago. Immediate postoperative results Ms. Li was quite satisfied, but over time, not only did the shape of Ms. Li ’s nose change, but she felt very hard to the touch with obvious swelling and pain. The lady's heart has caused great trauma, which has severely affected her work and life. After the incident, Ms. Li went to the clinic again. After learning about Ms. Li's situation, the Jinan Strait Cosmetic Surgery Hospital decided to help the girl who was attacked by "three non-surgery plastic surgery" to perform her rhinoplasty repair surgery. "The operation took more than three hours. Due to the complexity of the nasal nervous system, previously injected unknown items were immersed in the nasal organs and it was difficult to clean them. The cleaning process used 300 ml of normal saline. "Li Deqing said. Standard plastic surgery uses only genuine products and takes the lead in maintaining positive energy in the industry

"Shaping this bowl of rice is a meal of conscience." Li Deqing said that he has been a plastic surgeon for more than 20 years, and this sentence has been printed in his heart. Although this sentence is simple, it is also the business philosophy that Straits Cosmetic Plastic Hospital has always followed.

At the press conference, President Zhu of Johnson & Johnson said that it is not easy to seek beauty. On the one hand, it costs money, and on the other hand, it faces the pain of surgery. "We should allow these people to seek beauty in a healthy and safe way, so that they can use regular products and find professional doctors for plastic surgery in regular hospitals." President Zhu said that as practitioners of medical beauty, they have been The market is very concerned. At present, there are some counterfeit products on the market. These products have entered the informal plastic surgery place and are operated by unqualified "doctors." These have caused great harm to the seekers, even some. The damage can't be repaired. It is a very good thing to establish the "Qilu Medical Beauty Alliance" in the Straits. I hope that under the advocacy of the alliance and the publicity of the media, we can return to the seekers a clean medical environment as soon as possible.

"Take every beauty-seeker as a friend." At the press conference, Dean Jin Dan of the Straits Plastic Surgery Center said that as a micro-surgery expert, he must hope that the beauty-seekers can realize their own changes in a healthy and safe way. How does the dream of beauty complete her plastic surgery safely and healthily? "The first choice of plastic surgery is a formal and legal medical and cosmetic organization, the second choice of formal products, and the third choice of qualified and experienced experts to operate. Become beautiful while also being responsible for your own safety." Jin Dan Means.

At the press conference, the Straits Plastic Surgery Hospital released an activity assistance hotline: 0531-58819999. If there is an Aimei who needs plastic surgery or assistance, you can contact the hospital in time. The Straits official WeChat public account jnhxmrzx also receives patient help information. (Correspondent / Liu Hui)

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