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Health products such as beauty and breast enhancement are effective immediately

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It contains more estrogen and is prone to breast cancer

Ms. Liu recently glowed, and she said everybody that she had taken an imported collagen. Although the price was very expensive, the effect was very good. "I just ate one day, and the next day I felt my skin was much smoother. After two weeks of eating, my breasts were plump!" She proudly told her colleague Xiao Wu that she felt as if she had regained youth. Xiao Wu thought secretly. The effect is so magical. Is there anything else?

"Cosmetics, breast enhancement and other health products have obvious effects, and can basically be determined to contain estrogen!" Experts point out that estrogen is an endocrine hormone produced by women's ovaries, which can promote women's development and maturity and maintain normal menstruation and sexual function. Therefore, estrogen has been used to treat menopausal syndrome.

"Early years in the United States, estrogen was widely used as an alternative treatment for menopausal syndrome, and it works well, but soon it was discovered that the growth rate of breast cancer in women also increased. In 2003, the United States stopped this alternative treatment. At the same time, the rate of growth of breast cancer has also slowed. "Experts believe that it is this blood lesson that has made the medical community realize that estrogen cannot be used indiscriminately, otherwise it will be costly.

According to medical experts, the incidence of breast cancer in China has increased significantly, which is closely related to changes in the lifestyle of modern people and the pressure of work and life. "In the past 10 years, the growth rate of breast cancer has been quite high. From 1999 to 2008, the number of breast cancer patients increased by 47!" And data in 2006 showed that 250,000 new breast cancer patients are added to our country each year, many of which are due to Estrogen abuse causes illness.

"There are too many causes of breast cancer. Comprehensive prevention is almost impossible. You can only try to avoid unsafe food and use some cosmetics with magical effects." Experts told reporters that there is a double peak period for breast cancer in China: One is 45 years old and the other is 60 years old. Therefore, women close to these two ages should pay special attention to breast cancer screening, especially those who have a history of estrogen use should be detected and treated early.

Regular special inspections for early detection and early treatment

In addition to routine systemic examinations, regular professional breast examinations are the most effective means of early detection of breast cancer. Experts say that early breast cancer cure rates are as high as 90. There are currently two ways to screen for breast cancer: mammography x-ray and B-ultrasound. Generally, people under 35 years of age are economical to use a B-ultrasound. From the age of 35 to 40, mammography mammography X-rays should be added on the basis of B-ultrasound. Normal mammography mammography X-rays are performed every 2 years. Combined detection of mammography and X-ray and B ultrasound can greatly reduce the proportion of missed diagnosis of breast cancer.

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Optimism protects against breast disease

Clinically, major stressful events in life increase the risk of breast cancer in young women, and "general well-being and optimism" helps to prevent the disease.

According to reports, the Israeli research team recruited 255 women between the ages of 25 and 45 who were diagnosed with breast cancer and 367 women who did not have breast cancer of the same age. They then investigated whether these women had experienced major incidents (such as widowed or lost loved ones) or incidents that caused moderate stress (such as serious illness, career change, or divorce): they had experienced two or more major incidents Or women with a moderate blow have an increased risk of breast cancer by 62. At the same time, a questionnaire survey assessing anxiety, depression, well-being and optimism among the respondents found that women with "general well-being and optimism" had a lower risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer25.

Small massage before bedtime and health self-examination

Li An, general manager of Chongqing Sanhe District, Thailand, introduced to readers that massage before going to bed is very important for breast health. Li An also introduced the methods of breast self-care:

Under the guidance of a breast surgeon, you can choose a breast lotion, take an appropriate amount and place it on the palm of your hand, massage upward from the center of the breast in a circular motion to the position of the collarbone, and then expand the range to the breast to continue the spiral massage. Each action was repeated 10 times until the chest felt vaguely hot. This can not only effectively promote blood circulation in the chest, but also improve the phenomenon of breast expansion and sagging.

"Another benefit of developing a massage habit is that you can always protect the health of your breasts. You can use your palms to fully touch the outside of your breasts, and then focus on the movement from the outside to the inside to gently massage your breasts. Check your breasts for foreign body sensations at any time. "Li An reminds readers that breast cancer is no longer a" patent "for middle-aged people. Every girl should be extremely vigilant against breast cancer from now on. Reporter Li Junxia

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