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Pearl River New Town Auto Beauty Shop Upgrade Process

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Pearl River New Town Auto Beauty Shop upgrade process oxu2s stabilizes the team of 60 franchisees morale Changsha Decoration Company teaches you the reasons for wall peeling Source: Changsha decorative wall peeling is a problem encountered by many owners in the process of living, and the wall peeling The root cause is water and a humid environment that allows molds to reproduce, and also affects the putty's firmness. Therefore, if the wall peels off, you must carefully check what is wrong and treat it carefully. Today, Xiaobian, on behalf of my colleagues in Changsha Decoration Company, will tell you the reasons for the wall peeling. The humidity of a room is generally found in the south, especially on the lower floors, which causes the wall and ceiling to be evenly distributed with mildew marks. Mostly it is because the air in the home is humid, and the wall surface is often in a high humidity environment. In addition, the paint and putty used on the wall surface during decoration are not mold resistant, and the wall surface molds over time. However, because the humidity of the air in the home will change at any time, the mold on the wall will not be very serious. Just repaint the latex paint when the wall is refurbished, and pay attention to moisture resistance in life later, and there will be no major problems. Leakage of the second kitchen and toilet After the decoration of the home, it is often encountered where the wall is moldy or the wall peels off, and it is separated from the first wall of the kitchen, especially the sanitary partition wall. Kitchen and toilet often use open water, so waterproofing must be done during decoration. In addition to preventing leakage to the homes of the residents downstairs, they also protect their own homes. The water leaking from the three water pipes and the wall separating the kitchen and bathroom is not clear water, but the water pipe buried in the wall is leaking. If you want to distinguish this situation, then a good way to deal with it is to stop using the kitchen and bathroom for a while, and then see if the water stains on the wall are dry and if the wall you feel is still wet. If the wall is wet, it can be determined that the water pipe buried in the wall is leaking. You can only plan out all the original water pipes to find the leaking point for repair. If the moldy and peeling wall surface is close to the inside of the outdoor wall after the decoration, it must be water leakage outside. In the case of water leakage in the middle of the ruptured waterproof layer of the external wall, you can use styrofoam to reseal the window frame and air conditioning holes during the renovation of the new house in Guangzhou. If the situation allows, then brush on the outer wall Top layer of waterproof coating, double. In addition, after the sealing is increased, the thermal insulation performance of the window is improved, and the occurrence of condensed water is also reduced. The windows are dry and the walls won't peel. Fifth, the insulation is not good. If the interior and exterior insulation of the wall itself is not good during the decoration, once the heating season, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large, and water droplets condense on the wall. It is the corner of the external wall, which is both a dead corner for heating and a dead corner for insulation. The temperature in the corner of the wall will be lower than that in the room, so the corner will be more prone to mold. In this case, apply a layer of internal insulation when you are renovating to avoid the difference between the wall and room temperature. Six Tile Paving No matter whether the tile is wet or dry when renovating, there will be some moisture in the paving. This moisture will be gradually absorbed by the brick wall and floor, affecting the firmness of the putty, it will easily bulge and fall off, and this water contains some soluble impurities. After the water evaporates, these impurities will solidify on the wall in the form of crystals. This is the so-called "back to alkali". If this is the case, it is easy to solve, because the water has evaporated and it needs to be repaired. In addition to repairing and repainting the wall, the wall peeling must be carefully checked. What exactly caused the wall peeling and timely remedial measures were taken. In addition, the content can be subdivided into many links, and the content is very rich. There are as many as 7 promotional pages for a home improvement company, such as Lili Thanksgiving Rite and Praise Group buying Lihao luxury cars Libo luxury cars, etc. Then, can all the "gifts" be won? Take a closer look. In fact, these gifts are There are conditions, such as this gift of 300-0 yuan decoration fund, this decoration fund must be used only in this decoration company, so if you want to get this gift, you must choose here. This gratitude gift is only required for old customers to introduce new customers; this group purchase gift must be given when you order multiple sets at the same time; every 5,000 yuan paid for a Bohao car will get a lottery ticket. The cold-toned light has a pale effect. 3 The glass door on the balcony is covered with a transparent insulation film.

[Restaurant] The dishes on the background wall of the restaurant are specially used by Zongzi to decorate the background wall. In fact, they are not real dishes. They are relatively light. They are accessories for online shopping. When you first bought them back, everyone It ’s strange why you ca n’t eat or use this when buying this one. Later, the whole family praised it after it was installed.

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