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Hosted by glory and witnessed by the strength 丨 Guangzhou Huamei helped the national follow-up class of "Line Technology Facial Rejuvenation Combined Therapy" successfully held!

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Source time: 2019-11-27

Hosted by glory and witnessed by the strength 丨 Guangzhou Huamei helped the national follow-up class of "Line Technology Facial Rejuvenation Combined Therapy" successfully held! Time: 2019-11-2710: 07 Source: New Public Network Author: - Click: Font Size:

On November 23, 2019, jointly organized by the Plastics and Cosmetics Professional Committee of the China Non-Public Medical Institutions Association and Guangzhou Huamei Medical Cosmetology Hospital: China Plastics and Plastics Professional Committee of the Non-Public Medical Institutions Association "Line Technology Facial Rejuvenation Joint Treatment" Country The training course for the follow-up medical education project [Guangzhou Station] was successfully held at the President Hotel in Guangzhou.

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Full academic table

This is Guangzhou Huamei's hosting of the China Medical Beauty 5G Full Anti-aging Summit Forum hosted by the Medical Cosmetology Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on October 26, and once again cooperates with the national first-level association of China's medical plastic surgery industry to host such a huge National Medical Beauty Event.

International medical beauty coffee together

Melting Aesthetics

Focusing on the latest academic trends and tracking the latest academic hotspots, this academic conference is an authoritative academic event with high professionalism, high influence, high innovation and high scale. In the form of keynote speeches, practical operations and on-site discussions, the conference exchanged cutting-edge results in line technology and discussed the development trend of line technology and beauty. Popularization and clinical application, new ideas, new technologies and new achievements for beauty lovers!

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[Professor Shi Bing], Chairman of the Medical Aesthetics Technical Branch of China Plastic Surgery Association

Professor Cao Yilin, Professor Shi Bing, Professor Li Qin, Professor Zhang Ge, Dean Yu Yonggang, Dean Wang Xiaoyang, and many other international technology experts gathered in the United States and China. Experts and scholars focused on new technologies, new achievements and new trends in domestic and international line technology. Give a wonderful lecture and live technical demonstration teaching! This article discusses and discusses common hotspots and difficulties in the clinical application, application scope, and differentiation of traditional linear materials from microwires in order to promote the improvement of professional theory and clinical skills!

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Anti-aging experts gather to speak on the "line"

Tie by line

South China Line Experts Gather at Yangcheng Dialect

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Speech by Ms. Jin Jing, General Manager of Guangzhou Huamei Medical Cosmetic Hospital

At the summit site, as the organizer of the conference, Ms. Jin Jing, the general manager of Guangzhou Huamei Medical Cosmetology Hospital was invited to attend, and said in the opening ceremony speech: In the micro-fields such as facial aging and facial shaping, more and more people began to choose the line Technical minimally invasive treatment. As a national 5A-level medical beauty institution, Guangzhou Huamei always takes medical care as its core, constantly updates international medical plastic surgery equipment and technology, chooses regular and excellent materials, and makes every effort to meet the beauty and beauty of beauty lovers. It is both a responsibility and an obligation. For more than 25 years, Huamei has continuously required experts, doctors and nurses in this hospital to consolidate their foundations, and is willing to provide a platform for peer experts to make progress together to achieve the purpose of promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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As the participating doctor on behalf of the Guangzhou Huamei Medical Cosmetology Hospital, director Zhu Geyong, a minimally invasive injection physician, explained in detail clinical facial anatomy tomography, line techniques, facial anesthesia injection techniques, fine anatomy of face carving, linear complications prevention, and art linear reduction. Have a wonderful exchange with the famous coffee experts at the venue.

Promote academics and promote the industry forward

Guangzhou Huamei is a Chinese class 5A medical and aesthetic hospital that has received Class IV plastic surgery qualifications, integrating medical treatment and teaching. The current Huamei covers an area of 15,000 square meters, bringing together a 5A outstanding expert team led by Dean Zeng Gao and Vice Dean Zhao Jingjing, the leader of Huamei Acupuncture? Technology Discipline. Experience, the strength of the expert team is comparable to public top three hospitals, and has been affirmed and praised by many seekers of beauty.

For 25 years, Guangzhou Huamei has always insisted on specializing in research skills, promoting academic development, adhering to the concept of "beautiful art, gorgeous technology", and creating a more beautiful face for beauty seekers. Guangzhou Huamei, as the organizer of this conference and the demonstration hospital for surgical operation, is very honored to contribute its own strength and help the conference to be successfully held. , To promote the advancement of Chinese medical beauty technology!

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