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Chinese herbal medicine beauty health knowledge seems to stop medicine

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There are many people around us who do not know what kind of Chinese herbal medicine should be used for beauty. Let us have a very good health effect, ensure our healthier body, and do a good job in knowledge of medicine and beauty. And if it can't be stopped, how should the correct beauty regimen be done?

Classic Chinese herbal medicine beauty health knowledge

1. Skincare effect of ginseng

Adjust skin water and oil balance, prevent skin from dehydration and wrinkle, active ingredients of ginseng can inhibit melanin production, make skin white, smooth and elastic.

2. Skin Care Effect of Astragalus

Expand skin blood circulation and delay skin aging; supplement * essential trace elements to improve skin nutrition.

3. Skin Care Effect of Angelica

Speaking of beauty health knowledge, angelica is definitely not to be ignored. It has the functions of improving ruddy and lustrous complexion, nourishing the skin, preventing rough skin, and has a therapeutic effect on acne, melasma, freckles, black hair, and preventing hair loss.

4. Skin Care Effect of Amaranth

It has a unique effect on the treatment of acne, blackheads and acne, improves microcirculation, promotes skin metabolism, and delays skin aging. In clinical practice, appropriate amounts of Amaranth, Poria, and Coix Seeds are ground into a finely-tuned paste to whiten and freckle.

5. Skincare effect of licorice

Licorice extract is used in cosmetics, which can alleviate skin skin's allergic reaction to skin, and can relieve and reduce the damage of toxic substances (such as acids) to the skin.

6. Skin Care of Ganoderma

The trace elements of magnesium and zinc in Ganoderma have the effect of delaying aging. Its polysaccharide-containing component can eliminate free radicals in the body and protect cells and cells from delaying aging. The soothing effect of Ganoderma lucidum has obvious curative effect on paleness, mental fatigue, and appearance caused by neurasthenia.

In daily life, we must use Chinese herbal medicine to keep in good health in the correct way to protect our health. Therefore, we should do this in a timely manner to bring good health to our body. Help to ensure that our life is more perfect, and it is also good for our body to bring a healthy state

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