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5 Detox Beauty Teas Make Your Thin Waist Beauty Younger

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Source time: 2019-05-20

Summer comes inadvertently in the summer. In summer, many people like to drink some cold drinks. Such as cola, milk tea, but these drinks contain high sugar and calories, drinking too much can make people fat. Let some beauty-loving girls really love and hate. In order to avoid obesity but mouth-mouthing, today I recommend several kinds of beauty health teas, which can satisfy your mouth and be healthy and beautiful.

5 kinds of beauty health tea, make your thin waist beauty young!

1, lotus leaf honey tea

Lotus leaf, in Chinese medicine, has the effect of clearing the heart and reducing fire, and expelling stools. It can help our body excrete stools and prevent the body from reabsorbing the accumulated toxins. For some female friends who want to lose weight, this tea is the first choice. In the process of brewing, you can also add a few spoonfuls of honey to detoxify your skin, and you can also supplement the rapid loss of water in the summer, making it the best for warm drinks.

2.Rose tea

Rose is also one of the favorite of many young girls. Rose contains various vitamins. Drinking water can promote blood circulation in our body, clear the lungs and fire, delay aging, and refine wrinkles. In addition, roses can also regulate endocrine. For some menstrual women, drinking rose tea often can regulate menstruation and eliminate fatigue. Generally use fresh roses, dry in the shade, you can drink.

3. Honeysuckle tea

Honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle. The floral fragrance is slightly bitter. In Chinese medicine, honeysuckle has the effects of relieving fatigue, clearing heat and detoxifying, and removing wind and heat. For some people at the beginning of the cold, drinking more honeysuckle tea can help us relieve dry mouth and bitterness, and headaches. You can drink it with hot water, or drink it after cooling down.

4.Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum, Chinese medicine has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, clearing heat and relieving fire, and removing heat and detoxifying. If someone around you has recently suffered from mouth ulcers or sores at the corners of your mouth, you can recommend him to drink more chrysanthemum tea at this time. This kind of tea can remove anger, calm your eyesight, and help us get rid of dryness. If you feel bitter and tasteless, you can add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and it is best to drink it after cooling. It is suitable for all kinds of people.

5, lemon tea

When we drink with lemon soda, we have many choices. You can buy dried lemon slices, directly heat the water to boil, and drink. You can also buy fresh lemons and slice them yourself. Such lemons have higher nutrient content, because they have not been dried, and the nutrients have not been lost. They are excellent for soaking water. If you are a bit sour, you can put the lemon slices in a bottle and marinate with rock sugar for two days, and the sweetness will be moderate. Lemon contains vitamin E. Drinking for a long time can make the skin white, reduce freckles, and ice drink has better flavor.

Note that honey can be added to the above tea products, but pay attention to the amount to avoid causing diarrhea. Honeysuckle and chrysanthemum tea are cold foods. People with cold body and pregnant women should drink less.

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