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Hangzhou Ruili Plastic Surgery Hospital How to equip nasal surgery

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Nasal problems such as nose collapse and oversized nose make many beautiful women sexually troubled, so more and more people choose to perform nose plastic surgery. Hangzhou locals are willing to go to Ruili Medical Cosmetic Hospital for facial plastic surgery. What methods does the hospital use for nose surgery? The following experts from Hangzhou Ruili Medical Cosmetology Hospital will introduce you.

[Hyaluronic Acid Injection Rhinoplasty] Hyaluronic Acid Rhinoplasty is a micro-cosmetic cosmetic technique to achieve rhinoplasty by filling the nose with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid exists in human skin tissues, and injection of hyaluronic acid is exactly this component of the human body. When it is injected into the human body, it can not only quickly shape, but also firm skin and restore skin elasticity.

Advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Injection for Rhinoplasty

Simple operation and no recovery period: The process of rhinoplasty injection is simple, no surgery, no recovery period, only one injection is needed, and the rhinoplasty process can be completed in a few minutes.

Safe and no side effects: The injection of rhinoplasty is evenly filled, the side effects after surgery are small, and the allergic reaction is less.

Minimally invasive, painless and convenient: the injection time is short, and minimally invasive and painless follow and go, no recovery period is required, and it does not affect daily activities and normal work.

[Autologous fat injection for rhinoplasty] Autologous fat injection for rhinoplasty is to extract appropriate fat cells from the fat-filled part of the beauty seeker as a filler, make it purified and then inject it into the location where the beauty seeker's nose needs filling. Swell up to achieve the purpose of rhinoplasty. Since the body fat comes from the person seeking beauty, there is no rejection and no side effects after surgery.

Advantages of autologous fat rhinoplasty

1. Simple operation, taken from the body, easy to obtain, good safety, good tissue compatibility, and easy to heal with the tissue of the nasal area.

2. Autologous rhinoplasty will not cause rejection.

3. Autologous rhinoplasty has a low absorption rate and can survive without blood supply.

4. It is easy to sculpt and trim the model, it can completely achieve the effect of shaping the tip of the nose.

5. The touch is real, after the rhinoplasty, you don't need to worry about normal contact with the nose, and the hand feels soft and realistic.

The above is the answer to "What methods are used for rhinoplasty in Hangzhou Ruili Medical Cosmetic Hospital?" If you want to know more about double eyelids, you are welcome to call and consult the hotline 0571-85181111.

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