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Chengdu woman sold 180,000 eyebrows beauty salon: three months of active transfer

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Source time: 2019-06-13

Cover News Reporter Li Zhi

On June 12, Ms. Gao, a citizen of Chengdu, came to the Chengdu Qipin Private Club again to negotiate the 180,000 yuan spent on the eyebrows, but the response was still that, after the Beijing experts came over, she would discuss the refund.

Ms. Gao told reporters that on April 20, she was invited to do eyebrows by the club. The other party claimed that she had an eyebrow specialist from Beijing, and her technique was very good.

She said that this time the eyebrows were originally intended to cost several thousand to ten thousand yuan, but in the process of making eyebrows, the other party kept selling her a new type of eyebrows. "The other party claims that this kind of eyebrows can be transported, that is, with Meaning good luck. "

Chengdu Beauty Salon Ms. Gao's "Transfer Eyebrow"

Subsequently, Ms. Gao spent 180,000 yuan to make this eyebrow, but the next day, she felt wrong. "First of all, I felt that the effect of this eyebrow is not good, it is not good-looking, and then I feel that the transfer is also a superstition. "

The payment records on Ms. Gao's mobile phone corroborated the claim of spending 180,000 yuan on eyebrows.

On the 12th, the reporter accompanied Ms. Gao to Qipin's private club in West Second Ring Road, Chengdu, and negotiated about 180,000 yuan and refund.

In the club, a female person in charge said that the eyebrows worth 180,000 yuan were made by experts from Beijing, and the fees were also charged by the experts.

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