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Hunan Zhiyin Professional Beauty Art School

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Hunan Zhiyin Professional Beauty Art School, who can I contact?

Hunan Zhiyin Professional Beauty Art School is a provincial school combining professional beauty and medical beauty approved by Hunan Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security. It is a training base for film and television studio makeup professionals and a member unit of the China Beauty Association. At the same time, it is also designated by the Provincial Department of Labor as the certificate examination unit. The school is newly renovated, large in scale, spacious and bright, and equipped with advanced new equipment. Mr. Yi Jingping, the chairman and principal of the school, is currently the executive director of the Beauty and Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the vice chairman of Hunan Beauty and Hairdressing Association. He is also the agent of Monita and Anjieyu Hunan Province. Cosmetology mentors and lecturers from Hong Kong (International) Monita Group and Taiwan's Anjie Group will bring international advanced modern beauty knowledge and modern business management courses to the school. Ms. Xia Hui, an international doctor of beauty, and Zhu Guihua and Ms. Cui Yanzhen, the national makeup artists, are the lecturers. At the same time, she has a team of experts and professors from Central South University, Xiangya Hospital, Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and well-known beauty and makeup teachers and seniors in and outside the province. Technician-based teachers. Management and teaching in accordance with the standards of provincial key schools. Comprehensively implement quality education for students, adopt a variety of teaching methods, unique teaching styles, and unique beauty and makeup techniques. It aims to train "technical + art + creative + boss" professional talents. It is a unique advanced beauty and makeup school in our province. The school enrolls students all the year round, and attends school as soon as possible. It also provides teaching and conferences. After passing the exam, it will issue the technical level certificate of the Provincial Labor Department. New technology training.

Hunan Zhiyin Professional Beauty Art School, studying abroad, first choice, phone: 4008-941-360

Study abroad 360 will provide top ten value-added services for studying abroad for Hunan Zhiyin Professional Beauty Art School:

Hunan Beauty School

Visa payment

As our consultant teachers have an average of 3-10 years of experience in studying abroad, the application success rate reaches 100. The CRM system applies node control, and each application is confirmed by the manager to ensure that the application process is correct. Private butler service, application consultant, visa consultant, etc. are responsible for the whole process. More responsible than traditional intermediaries, more reliable than DIY.

Commitment: 100 successful admission 100 full service 100 process transparent 100 free application, visa refusal compensation 3,000 yuan.

2. Private Transfer

If you come to Shanghai for a flight, we will provide a free drop-off service. The models are: BMW 750 / Audi Q7 / BMW 530 / Audi A6.

3. Come and send

On-site consultation, you will receive a copy of English learning materials worth 68 yuan.

4.Overseas specialty products, company charging Baotong

WeChat successfully applied for experience, sent a special treasure company of overseas specialty products (value 500 yuan)

5. Bank escort, earn subsidies

Cooperate with state-owned banks, designate banks to remit tuition fees, and enjoy VIP service foreign exchange rate discounts. The 360 yuan subsidy for studying abroad will be provided, paving the way for future overseas tuition group purchases.

6. Free language training

Students handled by the company can enjoy the IELTS training provided by the company (guarantee five and six, guarantee six and seven), and have the opportunity to obtain a certificate from a well-known overseas university.

7. Shortcuts to Employment and Settlement

For outstanding students, returning to Shanghai to study abroad, we assist in arranging employment and guiding how to settle in Shanghai and Beijing. We maintain close cooperation with many chambers of commerce and enterprises.

8. Study hard and enjoy life

For students with a score of 75 or higher in the school, and students who are willing to promote the 360-study culture, the company will provide airport pick-up service in Shanghai.

9. There is a discount on home ownership

Studying abroad, if you need to buy a house, you can enjoy the discounted price of study abroad 360 and overseas real estate, at least save you 1 of the house price.

10. You subsidy for studying abroad

Students under the Overseas Study 360 Network are subsidized once a year to purchase air tickets abroad. Ctrip is used as the guide price, and each international ticket is subsidized 2; For students who are not under the Study 360 Network, each international ticket is subsidized 1;

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