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Beauty equipment key enterprises, 2015 China's top ten beauty equipment companies list-beauty salon equipment

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There are many beauty equipment brands, so which brands do you know? And which brands are better? Let's see it together! The following is a list of the top ten beauty equipment companies in China in 2015:

Beauty salon equipment

1.Hongqiang HONKON

A professional medical and beauty equipment manufacturer integrating product development / production / marketing / service, a well-known brand in the industry , Beijing Hongqiang Furui Technology Co., Ltd.

2.Fantastic laser

China Optics Valley's core backbone enterprises, China's large-scale high-tech enterprises that produce and operate laser and high-beam beauty equipment. Wuhan Qizhi Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Xinzheng Medical Power

Established in 1989, Shenyang Xinzhen Medical Electronic Instrument Company, a major domestic manufacturer of medical electronic equipment


Began in 1986, Hubei Province high-tech enterprises, professional manufacturers of optoelectronic medical products, industry influential companies, Wuhan Yage Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

5.GSD Gisdie

Professional supplier of high-tech beauty equipment, specializing in research / development / production and sales of cutting-edge beauty products, Shenzhen Jisidi Technology Co., Ltd.

6, Kinglight Medical

A national key high-tech enterprise integrating research, production, sales, training, and maintenance, a well-known brand in the industry, Wuhan Kinglight Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

7, Toda

A large enterprise integrating technology research and development / production operation / service education, a professional beauty equipment supplier, Foshan Nanhai Dongtianyang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Established in 1997, Beijing Kaiers Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech large-scale enterprise specializing in R & D / design / production / sales of beauty and body equipment.

9.Xinke Yiren

Beginning in 1999, Beijing Xinke Yiren Technology Development Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research / production / sales of laser medical beauty products earlier in China.


Beijing Taifuzhongcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a large domestic professional scientific and technological beauty enterprise, an early high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D / production of optical beauty instruments. For more related beauty equipment industry rankings, please refer to the China Report Hall.

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