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Microneedle beauty almost broke the face Consumers repeatedly rejected claims-the approximate cost of microneedle beauty

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On the Chung Yeung Festival, the issue of old-age care for the first-generation only children cannot be avoided.

Micro-needle beauty almost broke the face of consumers' multiple claims rejected 2013-08-2115: 35: 21
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Approximate cost of microneedle beauty

China Jiangsu Net, August 21st "Micro-needle" cosmetology is a popular beauty method, which is favored by many beauty lovers. Xuzhou's 27-year-old Xiaorui (pseudonym) had a severe allergy after receiving "micro-needle" treatment in a beauty salon, and a rash on her cheeks almost disfigured. After the claim was rejected, Xiao Rui had no choice but to ask for help in the morning paper.

Micro-needle beauty to remove scars and swelling around the face

Young and beautiful Xiao Rui is a shopping mall clerk with a good-looking appearance, but often distressed by acne scars on her face caused by acne. "Beauty is a girl's nature. I especially want to get rid of acne scars." Xiao Rui told reporters that on July 11, she saw a "micro-needle" beauty project in a beauty salon near Jindi Shangdu, which can remove scars. .

Xiao Rui was very enthusiastic, and immediately paid 3,000 yuan to purchase 5 "micro-needle" beauty items. On July 12 and July 23, Xiao Rui received two "micro-needle" beauty treatments without any adverse reactions. After the third beauty on August 7, she felt unwell and slightly swollen. "At that time, the beautician explained that this is a normal phenomenon. Don't worry about it. I didn't care too much." Xiao Rui said that on August 8 she noticed a rash on her forehead and cheeks. "The entire face was swollen, The color of the red and swollen skin seemed to be burned, and pus was leaking in some places ... "Xiao Rui quickly found a beautician to accompany her to the hospital for treatment. After examination, Xiao Rui was diagnosed with a severe allergy and took medication.

She wanted to be more beautiful, but now she is “disfigured”, which has many negative effects on her work and life. "I love beautiful people so much. I don't even dare to take a picture when I look like this, and I don't want to go out, but my work has certain requirements for appearance, so I can't work at all during this time." Xiao Rui said From August 8, she asked the unit for leave, but because she took too long, she was repeatedly trained.

Inconsistent opinions on compensation

On several occasions, Rui asked the beautician for a full refund, and at the same time paid for medical expenses, lost-work expenses and mental loss. The beautician verbally admitted that the operation was too strong, but believed that there were no abnormalities after the first two "micro-needles" beauty treatments, and attributed the allergy to Xiao Rui's own reasons, and he was unwilling to refund and compensate.

The two parties never reached an agreement on the refund. Xiaorui reluctantly called for the morning paper. On the evening of the 19th, the reporter and Xiao Rui went to the beauty salon. After coordinating, the beautician promised a full refund and compensation for lost work, a total of 4,500 yuan, and signed a written agreement, promising to take Xiao Rui to the hospital for treatment until the skin returned to normal.

On August 20, Xiao Rui contacted the reporter again, saying that the cosmetologist regretted taking her to the hospital for treatment and paid for it, and she had reported it to the Gulou District Health Department.

After receiving the complaint, the Gulou District Health Supervision Office went to the beauty salon for site inspection. Inspections revealed that the beauty salon has a health license for living beauty qualifications. However, as to whether "micro-needle" treatment is a medical cosmetic act and whether the beauty salon has out-of-range business activities, the inspectors said that further investigation and evidence collection are needed.

If the two parties fail to negotiate,

The reporter consulted Zhang Xiaoming, a lawyer from Jiangsu Dot Law Firm, regarding Xiao Rui's situation. Attorney Zhang said that in this case, two cases should be distinguished for consideration.

First, if the medical cosmetology institution has not registered and filed a medical cosmetology item, it will perform false publicity, or falsely exaggerate the medical effect of its registered cosmetology item to deceive consumers. According to the Consumer Rights Protection Law, operators who provide services that cause personal injury to consumers should pay medical expenses, nursing fees, lost-time expenses and other expenses; if the operators have provided fraudulent services, they should follow consumer requirements Increase compensation for its losses, the amount of compensation is double the cost of consumers receiving services.

Second, if the medical cosmetology project of the medical cosmetology institution has gone through the registration procedure, the physician is also qualified and there is no false publicity. The cause of the patient's face swelling and pain is due to improper operation or damage caused by illegal operations, which may constitute a medical accident. The patient can request the medical cosmetic institution to pay related costs such as medical expenses, nursing expenses, lost-time expenses and so on.

Attorney Zhang suggested that for the above two cases, consumers can first negotiate with the medical cosmetology organization to resolve the issue. If the negotiation fails, they can prepare relevant evidence and sue to the people's court for settlement.

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