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Beauty lovers gather for plastic surgery in National Day holiday Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital reminds: micro plastic surgery beware of "critical plastic surgery"-Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital

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National Day holiday, beauty people gathered to plastic surgery Hangzhou Plastic Hospital reminded: micro plastic surgery beware of "critical plastic surgery" trade name2015-09-3008: 54: 46 Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital

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(Apprentice reporter Chen Minna correspondent Ren Fangyuan) Some time ago, many well-known media such as CCTV started the micro-surgery market. There are no doctors who are qualified to practise, products that have no regulatory approval number, and "studios" without medical license. The child became "dangerous plastic surgery."

Experts from Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital said that the next National Day holiday will also be a hot day for plastic surgery and other plastic surgery. Citizen friends should keep their eyes open and not ruin their entire lives for the "discount".

There are many long holiday parties, and micro plastic surgery is a shortcut to become beautiful

Jin Jiu Yin Shi, recently, male goddess Masaharu Fukuyama was exposed to the news that he has married a proud actress Bukiishi Ieki, and domestically, the marriage news has spread and Anglebaby will also be married in October . In order to attend the wedding in a beautiful scenery, many people have used "beautiful brains", and simple, fast and safe micro-shaping has become the first choice of the public.

Because college roommates got married , Xiaoxiao (pseudonym), a bridesmaid, started researching major medical and cosmetic institutions in Hangzhou one month in advance. She told reporters that after graduation, everyone is busy with work and it is hard to meet once, so she wants to be able to appear beautifully.

Adhering to the principle of being responsible for himself, Xiaoxiao weighed the hospitals and finally chose Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital. "First of all, the old-fashioned hospital is regular and reliable. I also went to check a few experts. They are all trustworthy. There is no such kind of travel doctor who shoots guns to change places. I am also assured of the products I use," said Xiaoxiao, a former friend The rumors of "exposure of fake and shoddy products on the spot for women at the expo" made her a little more concerned about micro-plastic products. In addition, the hospital's recent special offers are one of the reasons she chose.

Micro-shaping can not rely on "flicker", beware of "dangerous shaping"

During the long vacation, many white-collar workers have to catch up to participate in various party reunions, family gatherings, and even blind dates. Many people hope that once they are complete, they will appear beautifully on these occasions.

According to Tan Xiaoyan, director of the Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital, traditional items such as double eyelids and rhinoplasty, because they are not major surgery, can be removed during the seven-day holiday just to pass the recovery period. Therefore, they have always been on the hot list of National Day plastic surgery. Another popular item is micro plastic surgery.

"There are many methods of micro plastic surgery now." The chief physician of the micro plastic anti-aging center of the hospital introduced that, for thin face, botulinum toxin injection is one of the more widely used methods. Botox can also be used to remove the face Ugly forehead, crow's feet, and eyebrow lines. In addition, hyaluronic acid is used to fill the related deep wrinkles, glabellar lines, nasal transverse lines, wrinkles, forehead lines, etc. "

Due to the huge market benefits of micro plastic surgery, many illegal plastic surgery small hospital clubs have also opened micro plastic surgery projects, but their equipment and medical standards are not fully guaranteed: the injection doctor lacks qualifications, the injection treatment environment is not disinfected, unlimited Exaggerating the effects ... Irregular practices in medical practices have led to a series of problems that continue to arise, bringing hidden dangers to the safety of those seeking beauty.

Lin Jie said that micro plastic surgery belongs to the field of medical cosmetology. Only medical cosmetology institutions and qualified professional doctors can carry out it. It is by no means a simple "injection".

600,000 surgeries in 30 years

This year, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital. Over the past 30 years, the hospital has received 1.5 million outpatients and more than 600,000 surgical patients, satisfying their psychology of seeking beauty and improving their quality of life. Not only that, the hospital has always used its medical resources to carry out public welfare assistance activities.

In 1991, "Smile Operation" first stood in the hospital and 24 years later, the hospital is still doing its best for the children with cleft lip and palate. Earlier this month, the hospital provided free treatment for cleft lip and palate of two Tibetan children, one with cleft lip and palate with alveolar ridge and one with cleft lip. "Phase one surgery has now been completed-the appearance of the lips and nose is repaired, and they can be repaired after they are 10-13 years old," said Dr. Sun Hao, chief of the plastic surgery department of the hospital. In addition, the hospital has also received a number of burns and scalds, which exempted most of the medical expenses according to the financial conditions of the patients.

During the National Day, Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital specially launched special promotions with limited places, which will be closed on October 7. The plastic surgery, laser and micro plastic surgery projects all participated in this Thanksgiving feedback activity. For details, please scan the hospital's official WeChat QR code for consultation.

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