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Critina's breakout blind test wins the best 4D contour award for "Yi Zhou" beauty [picture] -Crettia Beauty Salon

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On November 2nd, Yi Zhou played the beauty carnival and the 2015 beauty awards grand ceremony in Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store! International big names such as Chanel, Lancome, Dior, Armani and so on participated in this beauty selection, Klitina Energizing Firming Cream broke through in the grand selection with outstanding quality and won the annual 4D Contour Award! Skin beauty experts and masters highly recommend it, and praise it as "more than 3D is 4D with time dimension, soeasy against age"! At the ceremony, Mr. Deng Kan, the editor-in-chief of Yi Zhou, and Ms. Wang Mengjia, the runner-up of Miss Universe China 2015, presented the awards to Ms. Chen Baiying, deputy general manager of the marketing department of Klitina Group!

Klitina Beauty Salon

Ms. Chen Baiying, deputy general manager of the marketing department of Klitina Group received the award

Open and transparent blind testing mechanism selects the most representative products

"Yi Zhou", as the leading international trend weekly in China, is a must-see weekly for Chinese trendy people. In this beauty selection, the most professional masters and new generation beauty bloggers are invited to participate in the blind test. Before the blind test, the judging panel received all products with uniform specifications, which truly achieved "no difference". After the test, the jury also told everyone the most intuitive experience. In order to make the blind test results more accurate and more credible, "Yi Zhou" set up an online questionnaire, and released the "most credible questionnaire" through WeChat public account, and voted for the most popular youth items in the hearts of netizens. More than 28,000 questionnaire feedback shows the credibility of this selection!

Klitina Beauty Salon

"Yi Zhou" Play Carnival and 2015 Beauty Awards Ceremony

In the same field blind test with many big-name products, Klitina Revitalizing Firming Cream won the Best 4D Contour Award. Many master teachers and hipsters agreed that this cream can effectively delay aging and enhance, while the cream's The texture is slightly thick and creamy creamy cream has good ductility, accompanied by a quiet fragrance, soothes the nervous body and mind before application.

Klitina Beauty Salon

Christina Revitalizing Firming Cream

Product wins, Christina always leads the industry standard with high attitude

Chlitina has entered the mainland market since 1997 and has been backed by professional high-quality products. It has become a benchmark for the domestic beauty industry in just over ten years. Klitina's unique "medical-oriented, beauty-oriented" diversified professional skin care concept has also been recognized by many consumers, and its best-selling products over the years-EPO facial cream and classic care products are the best Proof. In addition, Christina launched different series of hospital treatments for domestic women's needs, including retrospective set in time and space, charming white beauty products set, water beauty living spring set, and let consumers get rid of sub-health The essential oil treatments of Huajing Buluo, etc., have truly become experts around the beauty-loving people.

Klitina Beauty Salon

At the same time, Klitina, as the leader of the traditional beauty industry, actively explores the territory and launches the new Meili business under the environment of the Internet economy. Starting from consumer demand, it gathers market power and adheres to offline stores as the core channel to sell value. "People's connection" is a point of opportunity to convey value. Through the online and offline multi-channel business model, it also allows consumers to freely enjoy the richness of Christina's services and Xinmeili Micro Mall.

Klitina adheres to a long-lasting corporate culture of "love and sharing", continues to lead the brand, listens to consumer needs, and creates a new trend in beauty!

[Background introduction]

About Klitina Group

Klitina Group is an enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, which mainly focuses on the joining of beauty and beauty salons. In 1997, it officially entered the Chinese mainland market, creating a main channel with Klitina Center. In the past 18 years, its beautiful business has spread to 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, with nearly 4,000 outlets. In November 2011, it was awarded the "China Famous The “brand” award signifies that Klitina has become the first domestic brand to join the beauty chain business. It went public in Taiwan in November 2013, setting a model for Taiwanese companies' successful development in the mainland. In October 2015, he was shortlisted in "Taiwan's Top 20 International Brands" and became the first company to be listed on the beauty industry.

Klitina Group, while focusing on standardizing operations, pursues a "love and share" corporate culture, actively participates in social public welfare activities, spares no effort to assume corporate social responsibility, and truly implements the spirit of giving back to the society.

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