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Changsha New Age Beauty Salon Makeup Nail School was established in 1997. It is a beauty training school approved by the Labor Bureau and other administrative departments. Hair training school.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaching has always been difficult to understand, rote content, high cultural level requirements, more theory and less practice, etc. After years of teaching research, the school has created a unique set of teaching methods, using "practice-theory-practice- “Summary—Re-Practice” training system enables students to learn in a relaxed, enjoyable and fun environment, and each subject is very fulfilling. After learning, they can solve many sub-health problems for friends around them, reach health, The purpose of health. What makes you feel fulfilled in minutes is the hallmark of this course.

Learning Content:

I. TCM cupping beauty and moxibustion beauty

1. Cupping beauty

Basic knowledge of cupping

Meridian cupping, identification and operation method

Scope and precautions of cupping therapy

2. Moxibustion and beauty

Understand the principles and functions of moxibustion

Treatment of common diseases

TCM cosmetic diagnosis

1. Face consultation

Five-color diagnosis, facial meridian and holographic correspondence

Significance of color spots, wrinkles, and acne areas and diagnosis of complexion

3. Umbilical examination

Color shape properties and holographic correspondence

Significance of color spots, wrinkles, and acne areas and diagnosis of complexion

2. Hand Clinic

Yi Jia San Xian Ba Wen Jiu Qiu Yi Yuan

Eight major auxiliary line variations for diagnosis, four special pathological lines, palm color and palm shape

4. Chiropractic

Back zone and representative meaning

Third, the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine

1. Understanding of the fourteen meridians

2. Fourteen Meridian Running Times

3. The concept, content and application of the Five Elements Doctrine

4. Concept, function and application of Tibetan elephant theory

5. What are the seven meridians and eight veins?

6, the internal organs of Chinese medicine

7. Fourteen diseases of the meridian

8, the mystery of facial and palmistry

Four, scraping beauty

1.Introduction to holographic meridian scraping

2. The working principle and eruption principle of holographic meridian scraping

3. Holographic meridian scraping devices, media and common methods

4. Scraping method for each part

Scraping method of head and neck

Facial scraping method

Scraping method for limbs

5. Holographic meridian scraping indications and contraindications

6. Clinical application of holographic meridian scraping

Five, tendon beauty

1.Introduction to Reinforcement

Definition, function, classification and characteristics of tendon therapy

2. Meridian foundation

The role of meridian structure in the body? Distribution and characteristics of meridian structure.

3. Tendon beauty techniques and steps.

4. Clinical application of tendon therapy.

5. Indications and contraindications for the beauty of tendons and precautions.

6. Acupuncture and pricking blood

1.Introduction to Acupuncture

How acupuncture works

Common acupuncture needles and techniques

2. Acupuncture treatment principles and precautions

3. Acupuncture techniques and acupoint selection

4. Principle and positioning of abdominal needle, umbilical needle, hand and foot three needles

5. Abdominal needle, umbilical needle, hand and foot three needles for common diseases

6. Principles and precautions of using three needles for abdominal needle, umbilical needle, and hand and foot

7. Abdominal and umbilical acupuncture for common diseases and clinical application of three-needle hand-foot

8. Principles, functions and scope of acne cosmetology

9. Acupuncture beauty method operation methods and commonly used acupuncture points

10. Acupuncture treatment for common skin problems

Seven, Chinese medicine health

1.Introduction to health

Understand the origin and development of health

3.Meridian health

Master the right way to keep healthy along the meridians

5.Five Elements Music

Learn to use music to smooth your emotions

7, health methods and clinical application

Be proficient in health regimen

2. Sleep and diet

Master and apply healthy sleep and diet

4.Physical health

Master the physical judgment and improvement methods

6. Medicinal bath health prescription and application

Learn to debug the body through the bath

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Outlets: No. 3 Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Brief Introduction

Wuhan New Times Beauty Salon Makeup Manicure School was established in 1997. It is a beauty training and makeup training school approved by the Labor Department and other administrative departments. Hairdressing training school. It has a teaching area of more than 2,500 square meters, more than 580 teaching staff, and currently enrolls more than 13,000 students. The graduate employment rate is as high as 95. With the purpose of cultivating high-quality, high-skilled, high-starting practical talents , the school mode of "lenient entry and strict exit" has created a group of beautiful messengers for the society, and has been well received by all sectors of society. Many domestic and foreign news media have paid close attention to and interviewed them. They have been hailed as "the cradle of hairdressers and beauticians".

In 2011, New Era reached a strategic cooperation with Seoul University in South Korea to provide a large number of beauty, hairdressing and makeup employment personnel for South Korea. It is the first domestic school to begin implementing free Korean internship beauty hairdressing and makeup school. In 2012, the outstanding students who signed the contract in Hengdian Film and Television City can enter the film crew for internship.

New Era has 50 beauty salons and makeup schools, 3 directly-owned studios, 5 beauty salons, and more than 1,500 beauty salons and makeup cooperation employment units. The new era is the only designated makeup styling unit in the Miss World Travel Contest, Miss Bikini International Contest, Miss World Contest, World Beauty Queen Contest, and Asian Supermodel Contest. Perennial cooperation with Hong Kong and Taiwan and well-known mainland stars, including Andy Lau, Lin Yilian, Li Zi, Huang Qiusheng, Xu Jinjiang, Huang Baiming, Zhang Xueyou ...

400-613-1185 ext. 10409

Outlets: No. 3 Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

School advantage

Hunan 's largest beauty and hairdressing talent training institution

Train tens of thousands of outstanding talents every year, and the training volume ranks among the top in Hunan to China.

Since its establishment in 1997, the New Era has trained tens of thousands of talents each year. It has 50 schools across the country and more than 1,500 beauty and hairdressing cooperation units. The name has spread throughout the country. The new era brings the world's latest beauty and hairdressing makeup technology to domestic technology. Combined to develop beauty salon makeup technology suitable for Chinese characteristics.

580 professional teachers to guide you

580 professional teachers in the new era to navigate your dreams

The new era has 580 professional teachers to navigate your dreams. The teacher is the soul of a school. The new era teachers are national senior lecturers. , In all kinds of film and television models have the figure of the New Age teacher.

Unlimited regions across the country

The only school in the new era that includes food, accommodation and schooling.

The New Age Beauty Salon Makeup School owns the nation's largest film and TV makeup beauty salon practice base, the New Age Beauty Salon Makeup School, Guangzhou's only employment and cooperation unit with 113 hairdressing shops, 207 photo studios and film companies , 132 middle and senior beauty clubs, New Age The group has 50 hairdressing and makeup schools ( Shenzhen , Guangzhou, Dongguan , Foshan , Zhongshan , Huizhou , Changsha, Chengdu , Wuhan, Changsha), 3 beauty chain institutions, a beauty plastic surgery hospital, 5 photo studios.

The only school in Hunan that has the closest connection with the film and television industry

The new era is the only school in Hunan that cooperates closely with the film and television industry, film stars and various international competitions

Since its inception, the new era has cooperated with various types of competitions around the world hundreds of times, including "China's Good Image", "Miss International Tourism Competition", "Miss World", "Miss Bikini Competition", "Miss World Etiquette Competition", "World Beauty Queen", "Changsha TV", "Film & TV Drama Team", "Cross-Strait Trend Contest", "Changsha Wedding Expo" ... all designated the new era as the only makeup and modeling unit, and its strength has created glory.

The school has cooperated with hundreds of stars on Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Andy Lau, Wu Qianlian, Li Zi, Huang Qiusheng, Xu Jinjiang, Huang Baiming, Zhou Xingchi, Liming, Guo Fucheng, Yang Mi ’s late superstar Mei Yanfang, Leslie Cheung ...

100 packs of recommended work

There are thousands of employment cooperation units in the new era. Graduation equals employment

Signing a contract before the enrollment of 100 packages to distribute recommendations, according to the trainees ’intentions, job characteristics, working place and other factors, humanized and reasonable recommendations, has been Changsha as the center, and distributed recommendations across the country, including: image design chain stores, performance groups, advertising companies, Wedding photo studios, TV stations, film crews, major brand companies, beauty, body and hair salons, etc. At the same time, encourage and support students to start businesses, and provide consulting and tracking services to help you build your own beautiful career.

One-on-one tutoring in small classes

The first school in Changsha to teach one-on-one tuition in small classes

The new era was established in 1997. In 1998, a new teaching method was introduced from the United States. The teaching method was small class. The teacher taught one-on-one live tutoring. Each class was controlled by 15-20 students. In Changsha and China The educational precedent was pioneered, and later this teaching mode has been cited by other schools in China.

The largest school in Hunan

New Era is the school with the largest number of students in Hunan Province

The new era is the school with the most hairdressing and makeup students in Hunan. There are more than 700 students in the new era Baoan General School. If you add other branches, the total number of students in the school is more than 1,800. In Changsha, the number of students in the same industry school is generally 50. -100, the new era is 10 times the number of students in other schools.

First to introduce international certification

The only school in Changsha that has multiple international advanced training exams such as CIDESCO and ITEC

In 1999, Ms. Wei Rong of the New Era School took the lead in introducing the Swiss CIDESCO International Doctoral Diploma in Examination to Changsha, so that students in Changsha can take the Chinese examination. Subsequently, the British ITEC international professional fashion, dance, Taiwan, media makeup artist diploma exam was introduced, and the new era is also the only examination school in Changsha that is used as a labor bureau examination. At the same time, the new era is also the only two Changsha schools that can directly take the domestic exam. The school of high-level beauty and hairdresser qualification certificate does not need to pass the junior and intermediate levels. With this new era, it has become the first domestic beauty and hairdressing and makeup authority college with many qualifications.

Teaching system based on practice and theory

In the new era, 70 teaching hours are practical exercises and 30 hours are theoretical teaching.

In the new era, from the initial period of the establishment in 1997, it continued to explore the laws of professional education and practice teaching reforms, and explored a set of distinctive teaching methods. The new era adopts a teaching model based on practice and supplemented by theory. This teaching mode has been cited by most schools across the country. The strength of the college is low

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