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Hengyang beauty agency fined 200,000 for advertising naked girls around school

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Our reporter Zhang Rongrong Xia Sheng Changsha reports

On December 13, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced the top ten typical cases of illegal advertising in Hunan in 2015. Among them, after the implementation of the new advertising law on September 1, the beauty agency investigated and punished by the Hengyang City Administration for Industry and Commerce issued an advertisement case that violated the society's good fashion. Before the implementation of the new advertising law, the case was "imposing a fine of one to five times the advertising costs", which may only cost a few hundred yuan, but was fined 200,000 yuan in accordance with Article 57 of the new advertising law. The deterrent effect of "the strictest advertising law in history" is evident.

According to the national severely illegal advertising monitoring data released by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the number of illegal advertisements and the length of illegal advertisements in Hunan dropped by more than 90 in the first month after the new advertising law was implemented. Compared with January 2015 and November 2015, after the implementation of the new advertising law, the number of illegal advertisements decreased from 1024 to 118, and the length of serious illegal advertisements dropped from 8.78 to 0.99.

Case fined 200,000 according to new advertising law

According to the report, on September 26, 2015, the party Hengyang Emily Beauty Club posted a promotional poster using several nude photos of women in the shop window. The shop was only over a hundred meters from the entrance of a middle school. A primary school more than 300 meters. After investigation by the Hengyang City Administration for Industry and Commerce, several photos of naked women used by the parties in their posters were of a low-grade and degrading style, which did not meet the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization construction. According to the relevant provisions of the new Advertising Law, the Hengyang City Administration for Industry and Commerce ordered the parties to stop the illegal acts immediately and imposed a fine of 200,000 yuan.

According to Article 9 of the New Advertising Law, (7) obstructing public order or violating social good fashion; (8) containing content that is obscene, pornographic, gambling, superstition, terror, or violence; investigate and deal with it in accordance with the provisions of Article 57; The management department ordered the publication of advertisements to be stopped and fined the advertisers from 200,000 yuan to 1 million yuan. If the circumstances are serious, the business license may be revoked, and the advertisement review agency shall revoke the advertisement review approval documents, and shall not accept its advertisements within one year. Examine applications; for advertising operators and publishers, the administrative department for industry and commerce shall confiscate the advertising expenses, impose a fine of more than 200,000 yuan but less than 1 million yuan, and may revoke the business license and revoke the registration certificate for advertising release.

According to Article 40 of the original Advertising Law, the advertising supervision and management authority ordered the responsible advertisers, advertising operators, and publishers to stop publishing, make corrections publicly, confiscate the advertising costs, and can concurrently charge more than one to five times the advertising costs. Following the fine.

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