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Top 10 pregnant women's skincare products list 2016 latest predictions-pregnant women's skincare products list

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2016 is coming soon, and all walks of life are showing their new round of competition. Recently, in order to welcome 2016, various industries have selected the best in the industry , and the skin care field is no exception. In a short period of time, various rankings about radiation protection clothing have sprung up on the Internet. Are these rankings reliable? I don't dare to say anything here, but the following list to be provided by the author is selected by the Chinese authoritative website pregnancy website. In addition, after careful investigation and research, the author found that the brands on the list are roughly consistent with the rankings of Tmall and Jingdong Mall in terms of sales, and have high credibility. 2016 latest forecast skin care products list TOP1, Joyncleon Jing Qi Pregnant women skin care list Jingqi special skin care products for pregnant women, more than 90 are natural organic ingredients, do not contain any animal raw materials and their derivatives, the main ingredient is natural hexagonal water, and its product safety is the highest in the industry. In the 2016 "Most Potential Skincare Brand" selection, Jingqi was successfully selected as the first place in the 2016 "Most Potential Skincare Brand" by virtue of its Jingqi Olive Oil Set (Jingqi HH3003). Jingqi olive oil raw materials are selected from Italy and imported olive fruit, hand-picked, and physically pressed. Jingqi olive oil is very effective in repairing and diminishing stretch marks, and is loved by pregnant moms. TOP2, Pro-Jing is an organic plant skincare brand from France, which is a skincare product for pregnant women. Only European organic farms are selected as the source of raw materials, only the safest food or fruit is used as the main raw material, only the safest mature formula is used as the quality guarantee, and only the safest production technology is used as the brand backing. Raw materials, from farm cultivation to bottle filling, eliminate any harmful chemical dyeing, and ensure the highest quality and safety of products. The product is developed from organic raw materials, organic plants and organic vegetation extracts. Suitable for expectant mothers to bring beautiful skin to pregnant moms. TOP3, Dr. Soins Pregnant women skin care list Dr.soins is a French skincare brand for pregnant women. The raw materials of skincare products are mainly grape seeds. All the grape seeds used are from Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux is located on the French Gold Coast. It is the world's top grape-growing region. It has a maritime climate, sufficient sunshine , and moderate rain. It provides unique natural and geographical conditions for grape growing, and it also provides security for the raw materials of Dr.soins products. Dr.soins advocates that people are close to nature, and focuses on providing "safe, gentle, natural and healthy" skin care and spiritual care for pregnant mothers, so that pregnant mothers can enjoy the perfect pregnancy. TOP4, Mother Kangaroo Pregnant women skin care list The kangaroo mother has always adopted the skin care concept of "same makeup and same food", using the most popular food in life as the main raw material of the product, and targeting at the characteristics of female skin during pregnancy and motherhood, selected Australian wheat germ and blueberry extract from organic farms in Australia Australian modern skincare technology, carefully formulated for Asian pregnant and pregnant women's skin! TOP5, affinity Pregnant women skin care list Intimate moisturizing is the original ecological skin care products for pregnant women. It is based on the purpose of "beauty of nature and safety in heart". It is developed for the characteristics of maternal skin that is more susceptible to aging. Particularly preferred are natural organic soy extract and soymilk fermentation broth as the main functional ingredients, with mild and safe quality, without adding any chemical harmful substances, nourishing and hydrating to improve skin problems during pregnancy. TOP6, Wuyang Pregnant women skin care list Wuyang first served advanced pregnant women's skincare concepts in Europe and America and highly professional products to serve Chinese pregnant women. It opened a new page of skincare products for pregnant women in China, provided high-quality services for mothers and babies, assisted the birth of new life, and cared for mothers from pregnancy. The whole process from production to postpartum recovery is known as the "founder" of skin care for pregnant women in China. TOP7, Ia'Ai to love Pregnant women skin care list "Yu Ai" belongs to Liang Luo Shi (Korea) Cosmetics Group's high-end skin care brand for basic skin care and special skin conditioning during pregnancy and pregnancy. The product follows three major skin care concepts: "Selection of non-irritating food-grade materials", "Pollution-free deep-sea natural seaweed plant extract" and "Organic plant peptide protein conditioning" to provide pregnant mothers with high-quality, safe and effective skin care experience! Yu Ai takes the health, beauty and happiness of pregnant mothers as her responsibility, cares for the physical and mental experience of pregnant mothers, and is committed to the maintenance and repair of skin during pregnancy and childbirth. TOP8, October Angel Pregnant women skin care list October Angel pregnant women skin care products series, choose natural ingredients, apply green technology, use professional formulas, especially for Asian women's skin, pregnant women during pregnancy and physiological changes, a specialized pregnant and skin care brand. "Annunciation October Angel" originates from the United States and is the first brand in the professional skin care field during pregnancy and pregnancy. It provides professional and comprehensive skin care products and services for women during pregnancy and within 5 years after delivery. TOP9, Butterfly Green Poetry Pregnant women skin care list In cosmetics, DHC is relatively well-known, translated in Chinese as butterfly green poem. DHC aims at " natural skin care that awakens the skin's potential". It uses pure natural ingredients as ingredients and does not add any pigments and fragrances to completely protect the skin from harm. However, due to its relatively wide business, the target audience is ordinary women, and for pregnant women's special demand line products, in addition to no addition, the formula is not professional. Despite this, Die Cui Shi also successfully ranked among the top ten in 2016. TOP10, Yamimet Pregnant women skin care list As a global provider of special skincare products and safe skincare products during pregnancy and childbirth, Yazzmate is committed to providing safe and professional skin care products to more pregnant women and women in the world who seek safe skincare. In cooperation with Prestige International Group ( Hong Kong ) Co., Ltd., Azimut has promoted safe, professional and effective skin care products during pregnancy and delivery to the world.
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