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Top 10 consumer skin care brands for pregnant women

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It is understood that in this cruel social competition, especially the pregnant women's skincare industry , many domestic pregnant women's skincare brands have gone through several baptisms and developments, from unknown brands to domestic first-tier brands, and have been at the forefront of the industry. Moreover, some brands not only become one of the most popular brands among pregnant women consumers, but also serve countless pregnant mothers during their beautiful and enthusiastic services, helping pregnant women to answer numerous skin care doubts. Today we will take a look at the top ten.


Women's Skin Care Ranking

Jingqi was founded in Italy in 2004 and officially entered the Chinese market in 2011. It always adheres to the concept of "born for love" and is committed to creating a top-level pregnant and infant brand. Jingqi's special skincare products for pregnant women adhere to the use of plants Formulated without adding any harmful substances, mild and non-irritating, with outstanding results, providing care for the skin of pregnant women during pregnancy. Is a veritable champion product.

2. Pro Jing

Adhering to the skincare concept of "healthy baby, beautiful mother" for pro-Jing skin care products for pregnant women, it provides all-round moisturizing effect for sensitive and dry skin during pregnancy and has a whitening effect on the skin. Pro-Jing can not only bring external beauty to pregnant women, but also bring psychological changes to women during pregnancy. It also solves the problem of pregnant mothers' self-confidence in life, family and society! Pro-Jing is exactly the same, with the effectiveness and safety of the product to bring beauty to the majority of pregnant women.


Women's Skin Care Ranking

Trifle Chainfree is specifically designed to improve skin problems in pregnant women. "Cui Fu Li" series of maternity skin repair, specifically to improve the skin problems of women during pregnancy, including post-cesarean scars, stretch marks and facial stains, dark skin and so on.

4.October Angel

Women's Skin Care Ranking

Based on the nutritional structure of pregnant women during the maternity period and the safety of professional preparation, based on the basic concept of "professional products, special care, safe use, and assured care", only natural ingredients are used, only green technology is used, and only professional formulas are used. It can balance the nutrients needed for skin cells during pregnancy and birth, strengthen the skin microcirculation function, and provide comprehensive and professional scientific care for the skin during pregnancy and birth.

5.Kangaroo mother

Women's Skin Care Ranking

Kangaroo mother is a skincare product for pregnant women composed of organic raw materials, organic plants and organic vegetation, and soybean extract. The Kangaroo mother brand implies the love of kangaroo mothers to baby kangaroos. R & D and testing support are provided by KangarooMummy, Australia. The kangaroo mother guarantees "beautiful mother, healthy baby" to the greatest extent. Let there be "worship" in the pregnant mother's treasure.

6, pregnant skin treasure

Women's Skin Care Ranking

In China, skin care products for pregnant women did not appear until 2004. Although the development of skin care products for pregnant women in China started late, it has developed rapidly. Yunfubao is the first domestic brand to enter the field of pregnant women's skincare products in China. It has cooperated with a number of institutions that have achieved outstanding results in the field of life sciences, and cooperated with dermatologists to track more than tens of thousands of maternal skin samples for more than five years After the research, we took the lead in addressing the special skin problems in the third, third, and third trimester cycles, and put forward the concept of "full facial care during the first trimester". It is currently selling well in the market.


Women's Skin Care Ranking

Wuyang pregnant women skin care products are designed to provide more professional skin care products and professional services for mothers and babies, which has won the trust of more mothers. It is one of the skin care brands that introduced the European and American concept of pregnancy skin care earlier.

8, flower muscle

Women's Skin Care Ranking

Hua Ji Cui is a French skin care brand. It respects the natural environment, pursues safety and simplicity, and values skin health. It always adheres to organic cultivation methods. Its product formulas are derived from natural flowers , which greatly reduces chemical The ingredients are irritating to the skin. At the same time, it adheres to traditional craftsmanship and 100's of non-additive extraction, making the product cold and vital to nature. Flower skin care products for pregnant women can make the skin of pregnant mothers reach a perfect state, which is one of the reasons why they were selected into the top ten list of pregnant women's skin care products by pregnant mothers after 90s.

9. L'Occitane

Women's Skin Care Ranking

L'Occitane was founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976. It is a unique brand dedicated to promoting the physical and mental health of male and female customers. By enhancing comfort, it achieves internal balance and moves the body and mind into a harmonious state. L'Occitane's product range, from personal care to home fragrances, is made with high-quality natural ingredients and time-tested traditional methods. Its ingredients are mainly from Provence.

10. DHC

Women's Skin Care Ranking

In cosmetics , DHC is relatively well-known, translated in Chinese as butterfly green poem. It starts with basic skin care to cosmetics, body products, hair care products, men's skin care products, baby skin care products and health foods. DHC aims at " natural skin care that awakens the skin's potential". It uses pure natural ingredients as ingredients and does not add any pigments and fragrances to completely protect the skin from harm. However, due to its relatively wide business, the target audience is ordinary women, and for pregnant women's special demand line products, in addition to no addition, the formula is not professional.

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Women's Skin Care Ranking

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