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LOTIONSPA establishes Chinese name "Botanical Doctor" -lotionspa plant skin care expert

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In 2012, on the advice of members of the plant skin care brand LOTIONSPA, LOTIONSPA established the Chinese name "Botanical Doctor". Plant Doctor LOTIONSPA will, as always, bring you more beauty with natural plants.

Based on the brand concept of "plant skin care , word-of-mouth communication, and public welfare undertakings", Botanical Doctor LOTIONSPA has a nearly rigorous pursuit of high-quality products. It is manufactured in accordance with the standards of herbal therapy and aromatherapy. All products pass the skin safety test and Add genetically modified ingredients. At the same time, according to the characteristics of Oriental skin, high purity extracts of natural flowers and plants were incorporated into skin care products, and plant skin care was advocated with outstanding safety and efficacy.

Word-of-mouth communication is the belief of the botanical doctor LOTIONSPA, who regards customers' word-of-mouth as the best advertisement. While operating the brand, they are enthusiastic about social welfare. Promote empty bottle recycling, successively support the hotline of the Legal Help Center for pollution victims, and launch a "Botanical Doctor Scholarship" to reward outstanding college students.

As a skincare specialty store brand, Botanical Doctor LOTIONSPA currently has nearly 600 stores in China including Wanda Plaza, Joy City, CapitaMall, Xidan Shopping Mall, and Yoshinoshima, bringing physical and mental pleasure to 650,000 members and more consumers Skincare experience.

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