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ChristianLouboutin 2020 spring and summer men's shoes series usher in a new sneaker works. Following the brand's usual tradition, the HAPPYRUI series of low-top sneakers brings dynamic design, becoming a pioneer in the spring and summer sports shoes series. GQ.com.cn2019.12.11 The well-known Swiss watch brand HUBLOT has made a huge investment in the industrialization of sapphire, successfully conquering this extremely difficult material, and creating a variety of colors of sapphire (transparent, black, yellow , Blue and red) to achieve mass production to meet the needs of different models. In view of the inability to finish in this material ... GQ.com.cn2019.12.07 Purchasing New Year's clothing will always encounter difficulties. Dark-colored clothing is stable and versatile, but the New Year and New Year are not pleasing; too avant-garde and styling, visit relatives When you worship friends, you look indifferent; it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to get your own clothes and buy them separately for parents and family. K-BOXING Menswear inherits Chinese New Year culture, will be low ... GQ.com.cn2019.11.25 November 9, 2019, New York-Coach grandly announces the award-winning actress, singer and producer Jennifer Lopez as the brand's new global The spokesperson for the image will appear on Coach's Spring / Summer 2020 collection of high-end ready-to-wear, leather goods, handbags and shoes. GQ.com2019.11.25LVTrainer sneakers debuted at the Louis Vuitton debut of men's art director Virgil Abloh-the 2019 spring and summer fashion show, has now become the masterpiece of Louis Vuitton men's sneakers. This sneaker is based on basketball shoes as a design prototype, full of nostalgic atmosphere, each season a variety of new colors and a variety of different ... GQ.com.cn2019.11.25CanadaGoose Canada Goose celebrates the opening of the ifc boutique in Shanghai, on 11 On May 22nd, CanadaGoose held the Canada Goose Drifting Ocean to the "Sea" and "Heart to the Unbounded Northbound" experience party. We invite the big goose fans to be close to nature, with the heart to the unbounded mind, to feel the beauty of themselves and their surroundings. Ben ... GQ.com.cn2019.11.20 In the bustling city, more and more young people are keen to talk and walk, explore the yearning zone, and discover unknown novelties, like "urban nomads", released between cities Light. As a global fashion travel lifestyle leading brand that knows the unique pursuit of modern young people, Samsonite ... GQ.com.cn2019.11.13 Italian handmade jewelry DAMIANI launched the new BelleEpoque series to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the brand. In order to commemorate the 95 years of the birth of the DAMIANI family, Korean RedVelvet member Irene Pei Zhuzhen was invited to perform the new BelleEpoque series jewelry blockbusters and videos.

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