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What brands of skin care products can pregnant women use

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Skin care is a daily maintenance method for most women, and even during this period, pregnant mothers also want to maintain a good skin condition. However, because the skin care products on the market are uneven, some skin care products may be harmful to the fetus, so they cannot be used at will. So, what brands of skin care products can pregnant women use?

What skin care products can pregnant women use

First, skin care brands that pregnant women can use

During pregnancy, because of the hormone secretion in the receptor, many skin problems will occur, such as acne, dry spots, etc. At this time, it is more necessary to use skin care products for maintenance. So what brands of skin care products can pregnant women use? The following is a list of skin care brands with good reputation and high product quality in the market. Pregnant mothers can use them as a reference when buying.


Jingqi pregnant women's skin care products are based on the tenet of "make the world's high-quality products and make mothers all over the world more at ease". Using advanced natural active targeted purification technology, the material extracted from bird's nest is the main raw material. , Mild, low-irritant effect. Its products can not only deeply hydrate the skin and restore skin cell activity, but also effectively relieve skin aging and rejuvenate the skin. Jingqi pregnant women skin care products have always been known in the market for high quality, high reputation, and high safety, so they are deeply loved by consumers.


Yaer is an American skin care brand and a pioneer in the skin care industry. Its products are known as high quality and high quality. The raw materials used are natural plants. The products are mild and retain the original fragrance of the plants, so they are loved by many pregnant mothers.

3.Mom Mio

Established in 1983, Mama Mio has mature technology and has been favored by many pregnant mothers since entering the Chinese market in 2016. Its skin care products for pregnant women have the function of moisturizing and hydrating, which can effectively solve problems such as pregnant women.

Skincare brands that pregnant women can use

Second, what kind of skin care products are suitable for pregnant women

For pregnant women, there are naturally many skincare products that can be used, but because the skincare products on the market are uneven, it is difficult for pregnant mothers to distinguish what kind of skincare products is better. In general, skincare products suitable for pregnant women should have the following characteristics.

1.Simple ingredients

The effects of increased hormone secretion in the mother's skin receptors make the skin worse and become more sensitive. Therefore, skin care products used by pregnant women should not add too many ingredients to avoid causing skin allergies to pregnant women. Therefore, the ingredients of pregnant women's skin care products are relatively simple, and are mainly based on natural plant extracts, without chemical substances and other additives.

2.Simple function

Skin care products used by pregnant women have the basic moisturizing and moisturizing functions. Skin problems are mostly caused by skin dehydration. Therefore, skin care products with good moisturizing and moisturizing functions are more suitable for pregnant women. And for skin care products with whitening and acne-removing functions, pregnant women are advised to stay away as much as possible. Such skin care products may contain substances harmful to the fetus.

Skincare for pregnant women

In summary, what brands of skin care products can pregnant women use? In addition to the three brands listed above, naturally, there are still some. When choosing skin care products, pregnant mothers must integrate the characteristics, quality and brand reputation of the skin care product to choose.


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