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New skincare for high-efficiency skincare, CBD skincare brand GlowUp launches acne products

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Source time: 2019-12-20

A new force in efficient skincare, CBD skincare brand GlowUp launches acne products on December 20, 2019 16: 36_

In December 2019, GlowUp, a leading marijuana skincare brand in China, launched a new acne line, a new era of high-energy repair, and an all-natural high-end skincare brand that offers a complete product line to both men and women.

GlowUp launches a heavy-duty series to break the acne bottleneck. As the most popular skin care ingredient in Europe and the United States, cannabis skin care products have attracted a lot of celebrities, such as the Kardashian family, "American Sweetheart" Anne Stone, boxing champion Tyson, "Nuns Are Crazy" starring Ubi Goldberg.

The active ingredients in hemp seed oil and cannabis leaf extract are used in skin care products, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, repair deep basal cells, help skin cell regeneration, relieve eczema and other skin problems, etc. .

In the past two years, many well-known brands of large companies have entered the skincare market of cannabis ingredients. One example is Estines Lauder's Origins (Yuemu Source). The brand has collaborated with Sephora to launch a "Hello, Calm" hemp ingredient mask. Kiehl's introduces essential oils containing hemp seed oil. TheBodyShop has launched nearly 10 products containing cannabis extract including body milk, lipstick, hand cream and more. There are also many brands selling products containing cannabis extract one after another, such as LordJones, EveLomRadianceFaceOil, KanaSkincareLavenderCBDSleepingMask, etc.

With ubiquitous light pollution, unavoidable urban haze, and multi-screen electronic radiation, the skin problems we face every day are getting worse. Dust in urban pollution is adsorbed deep in the pores, making the skin dirty and chaotic, cell residues are continuously accumulated, the absorption capacity is significantly reduced, the skin is dull and yellow, and acne, acne and other skin problems are raised. GlowUpLabs believes that only repairing the skin barrier can Have stronger regenerative power.

GlowUp's ace acne series contains high 2 hemp leaf extract ingredients, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and directly and effectively achieve acne removal effects. The natural plant stock solution selected in the formula comes from top international raw material suppliers, and has passed GlowUpLabs hundreds of times. Iterative adjustment of the formula, and finally perfect presentation.

GlowUp Hemp Leaf Cleansing Foam gently and thoroughly removes old horny horns hidden deep in the pores, returning to the skin's original beauty.

The cannabis leaf in the GlowUp series soothes and soothes the skin lotion. The ingredients of the cannabis leaf extract 1 with sodium hyaluronate quickly replenishes and soothes the damaged skin barrier.

GlowUp Hemp Leaf Acne Essence, known as the "Face Fire Extinguisher", contains 2 hemp leaf extract ingredients. According to feedback from 25 experience officials in GlowUp Labs, 2 days of rapid acne control, 14 days of effective acne repair, 21 Obviously faded acne marks.

GlowUp Hemp Leaf Repair Moisturizing Milk contains 1.5 hemp leaf extract ingredients and nicotinamide and sodium hyaluronate. After completing the acne muscle repair, it will improve the skin barrier, reduce acne marks, anti-oxidant and anti-aging, and persist. When used, the skin water will glow.

While new high-tech ingredients are being continuously researched and developed, GlowUp has re-focused on the origin of plants, focusing on creating industrial hemp ingredients for skin care and expressing a coordinated relationship between humans and nature. At the same time, the GlowUp brand is an active advocate of environmental protection and philanthropy. GlowUp believes in the harmony between human beings and nature, and always emphasizes cherishing the precious resources of nature in order to provide effective and safe natural ingredients. GlowUp adheres to the concepts of good for the environment, good for humans, and good for the earth. It is replaced by cutting-edge technology to extract natural and safe active plant ingredients, so it is safer, more reliable, and more reliable.

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