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The order of applying cosmetics is a skin care and beauty process that novices must collect!

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Makeup can magnify the advantages and disadvantages of your face. After makeup, the temperament and skin quality of the entire person will look much better. So what is the order of applying cosmetics? If you have questions about skin care, base makeup, and makeup procedures, be sure to bookmark this! The sequence of rubbing cosmetics before makeup, skin care sequence before step one: wash your hands, wash your face, remember to wash your hands and wash your face before makeup! As a side note, when choosing a facial cleanser, try to choose a facial moisturizer that is mildly moisturizing and moderately clean, such as amino acid facial cleansers are good. Step 2: Toner is to apply / pat / spray toner to your little face, so that the entire face can be covered with toner, and then massage evenly until it is absorbed. Generally, it will be OK in about 30 seconds.

Step 3: Emulsion

After applying the toner, apply the lotion. The lotion is evenly applied on the face, and then massaged until absorbed, which is relatively short.

Step 4: Sun Protection

The last step in basic skin care is to apply sunscreen. I recommend everyone to use cream or milky sunscreen on the face, and apply it more evenly to ensure that each area of the face can have sun protection.

Basic skin care is complete even after applying sunscreen. Maybe some people say they don't need eye cream? No need to apply essence? These can be painted, but as a novice, the three steps mentioned above are necessary.

Formal makeup sequence

After talking about basic skin care before makeup, let's enter the formal makeup process.

The first is the base makeup part. The base makeup part is composed of 4 steps: make-up milk / isolation, liquid foundation / air cushion / BB cream / CC cream, concealer, and makeup fixation.

Makeup Step 1: Make-up Milk / Isolator

There are a lot of children's shoes that can't distinguish the difference between makeup milk and barrier cream. I will briefly explain here. In the first step of makeup, you can choose to use a makeup primer or a cream.

It can be selected according to personal needs. The pre-makeup milk is mainly to modify the skin and enhance the adhesion of makeup. In order to make the makeup last longer. Can also modify the uneven color and dull skin color.

The original research and development of the barrier cream is to protect the skin, isolate makeup, radiation, and harmful substances in the air from harming the skin. But at present it can't be fully achieved. It can only be said that it is more or less useful. With the development of more and more powerful functions, many of the present creams have sun protection, skin tone modification, concealer and other functions.

Apply cream or make-up primer. You can apply it directly to your face, just like Pony, and then spread it evenly.

You can also learn to spread evenly with cotton pads and pressing methods like Pony.

Makeup Step 2: Liquid Foundation / Air Cushion / BB Cream / CC Cream

After brushing off the cream, I usually use a liquid foundation, because the liquid foundation is thin and light, which is very suitable for the summer season. Of course, some people will use BB, CC or air cushion, all are OK, let me take liquid foundation for example.

I also recommend using a brush for liquid foundation, because compared to using makeup eggs, novices are easier to handle, brush more evenly, and save liquid foundation. However, novice beauty eggs are easy to use, which makes the liquid foundation unevenly applied.

OK, after the foundation is brushed, I will press the brush marks with the sprayed wet makeup eggs to make the brush marks disappear and make the whole makeup feel very convincing.

This step is followed by concealer.

Makeup step three: concealer

However, some people will apply concealer first and then apply liquid foundation, both are OK, the two are interchangeable, there is no big problem, it depends on personal preference. I prefer to apply liquid foundation first, then conceal, so just follow this order.

If there is a flaw on your face and the foundation cannot cover it, use a brush to gently brush the flaws. One thing to note is that the color of the concealer you buy must be as close as possible to the color of the fan liquid, otherwise it is difficult to blend the two colors.

If there are brush marks on the concealer, press on the makeup eggs at this time.

The concealer is finished, the last step of makeup is done, set makeup!

Makeup Step 3: Makeup

Especially in the summer, if you are uncertain about makeup, as long as you sweat, you must take off your makeup. So don't be lazy and skip this step.

There are two types of makeup. One is to use makeup powder: powder, loose powder, and powder are OK, and the other is to use makeup spray.

I personally prefer makeup with powder. Because the powder of the powder is more delicate, gently press or swipe with the powder brush to fix the makeup.

After writing this, the entire base makeup part is completed. The base makeup is very important. After all, if the base makeup is not done well, the makeup is ruined, so everyone must do it in the base makeup part. Especially for novices, the foundation must be laid!

After the base makeup is over, first of all, draw your eyebrows and eye makeup. The order of the two can be interchanged. I am used to eyebrows first and then eye makeup, so start with eyebrows.

Makeup sequence

The first step of drawing: eyebrows

In fact, the thrush is really a test of technology. Your eyebrows are not painted well, and your makeup cannot be refined.

Before you draw your eyebrows, you first see if your eyebrows have been repaired. If you want to watch the eyebrow repair tutorial, you can also leave a message to tell me, here I will start from the eyebrows that have been repaired.

First you need to determine the position of the eyebrows, brow waist, eyebrow peak, and eyebrow tail.

Now you can "paint" on your face!

As shown in the figure, A is the brow, B is the peak of the eyebrow, and C is the end of the eyebrow. Eyebrow peak B is 2/3 of the entire eyebrow. Brow A, Brow C, and nose form a regular triangle. Brow C cannot be lower than Brow A.

After knowing the position and proportion of each part of the eyebrows, I started to draw eyebrows. First determine the shape of the eyebrow to be drawn, and trace the outline gently. This method is the simplest and easiest to master for novices.

After drawing the outline, fill the color a few times, pay attention! The brow color must be lighter than the brow color! Remember! Otherwise you will become Shinnosuke Nohara!

Step two: eye makeup For newbies, eye shadows don't need to be too complicated, and general earth colors are fine. First apply a nude color on the eyelids. Then apply the earth color. The brush is a small eye shadow brush. When you are applying eye shadow, remember to use a small number of times. After you apply the eye shadow, you can shake the brush twice to let the powder go. Also, pay attention to smudge the edges of the color, otherwise it will be very stiff and rigid. Finally, you can also take a bright color and apply it to the center of the eyelid with your fingertips to make this eyelid feel a bit blingbling. After the eyeshadow is done, let's start to draw the eyeliner. You can use eyeliner or eyeliner or eyeliner. For novices, eyeliner and eyeliner will be better, a small amount and many times to avoid mistakes. Liquid eyeliner is more difficult to save in one stroke. In case you really make a mistake, you can't save it. Use a cotton swab to apply some lotion or makeup remover to wipe the wrong place. The last step of eye makeup is to apply mascara. First, use the eyelash curler to tilt the eyelash curler. When you clamp the eyelashes, look down, and clip outwards. After curling the eyelash curler, you can apply mascara! Pay attention to the eyes looking down, don't brush your eyelids! After the eyebrows and eye makeup are done, the next step is to repair the face.

Step Three: Blush

Put on blush first and use the oblique upwards method to sweep from the apple muscle. This is the most commonly used method, and all face shapes are common. Of course, there are other methods, but for novices, it is enough to master this method, and you can learn it later.

Once again, pay attention to a small number of times, remember to shake the brush twice, but also pay attention to the uniformity and transition of the color, don't start to rebuild the monkey ass.

Step 4: Silhouette

After the blush is finished, start the upper side and the nose side, the order of the two can be interchanged. I usually put on the nose silhouette first, brush on both sides of the bridge of the nose, sweep from thin to wide from the root of the mountain, a small number of times, in pursuit of nature.

For the silhouette, first scan the position of the cheekbones and use the method of oblique upwards, which is also a small number of times. Don't start with a heavy scan, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

The next step is to scan the position of the mandible. The range does not need to be too wide. There should be white between the sacrum and the mandible, so the shadow position of the mandible is as close to the neck as possible.

Step Three: Highlights

Then the highlights are brightened. Highlights are useful in creamy and powdery forms. Creamy brightening is usually applied before makeup is set.

But under the condition that the makeup powder has been applied, the highlighter powder is used as a brightening face. Apply highlight powder on the brow bone, metatarsal bone, nose bridge, between eyebrows and chin. Pay attention to a small number of times and pursue natural brightening.

The last step is to apply lipstick

In fact, applying lipstick is not difficult, unless it is a specific makeup to paint a specific lip makeup, then we must delve into it. If you are a novice, you can get a simple daily lip makeup.

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