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Can domestic makeup brands afford the "light of domestic products"?

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Under the name of "Light of Chinese Goods", it sells crudely manufactured goods. "Domestic goods were in authority", "at the time of cross-border", and "domestic goods went to sea." These past sounding labels, which started to smell, unknowingly began to change taste.

Especially in the skin care and beauty industry, a large number of unfamiliar domestic skin care brands have sprung up, and many different brands have crossed the border so far. It is a good place to find fish in troubled waters. As a result, many people are questioning: Is it true that domestic cosmetics that have to prove the strength of domestic products are just aimed at the high profit rate of the cosmetics industry, and want to leave with a handful of wool?


The report recently released by Guotai Junan's retail team, "70 Years of Development of Japanese Cosmetics," seems to simply answer this question: No. The current Chinese cosmetics industry, like the "Golden Decade" of the Japanese cosmetics industry from 1974 to 1984, is a crucial period for the rise of local industry giants.

The vitality of the industry is also reasonable to attract countless enterprises to flock to it.

Don't look at us often saying that Japanese make-up is one of the "four major evils" in Asia. Japanese cosmetics are plentiful and new products are constantly emerging. The development of Japanese makeup brands is a history of the struggle of local brands from imitation to independent innovation.

At the beginning, makeup was a privilege enjoyed only by Japanese nobles. The fair complexion painted with white powder was a symbol of beauty and a representative of noble status.

In the 1860s, makeup became popular all over Japan. Coincident with the black ship incident, American gunboats entered Japanese ports, so that the Japanese government realized the gap between itself and the West and began to implement modern reforms.

At the beginning of the reform, Japan began to promote the westernization of appearance and ideas. At that time, the makeup style was also deeply influenced by American popular culture.

After the 1970s, the Japanese economy began to grow steadily, and the Japanese began to have national self-confidence and no longer blindly respected European and American culture. At that time, the Japanese supermodel Yamaguchi Sayako stood on the fashion stage in Paris, and the Japanese advertising industry launched Yamaguchi Sayako, and people began to realize the beauty of the Japanese eyes. Japanese makeup looks are constantly evolving, and local cosmetics companies are also welcoming development.

How about Maybelline skincare

Source: Japan Cosmetics Industry Federation, WIND, Guotai Junan Securities Research

Comparing China's current economic situation with Japan's, the current Chinese cosmetics industry is a good time for development.


The 2019 "Chinese Beauty Beauty Insight Report" released by Tencent in May shows that 42 consumers are more willing to choose domestic beauty brands, and 90% of consumers said they will buy domestic beauty again in the future. People's acceptance of domestic cosmetics is getting higher and higher.

So, do companies in the cross-border cosmetics industry really have the original sin driven by their interests?

Cross-border is not to catch up with fashion, but to combine your own unique advantages with the industries you cross, and to accurately find the points that can maximize your own advantages. This is why the majority of brands in the cross-border cosmetics industry are pharmaceutical companies. Estee Lauder, Elizabeth & middot; Arden, Maybelline New York, Mentholatum, Shiseido ... have either been acquired by pharmaceutical companies, or have used pharmaceutical prescriptions in cosmetics to cross the border.

Shiseido, one of Japan's three major cosmetics groups, started out as a pharmacy. In 1872, Fukuhara established the Shiseido Western Medicine Bureau. During the turbulent period of counterfeit medicines, he specialized in selling western medicines that were rare at the time. Fukuhara himself also does research and development, not just medicine, but also daily necessities such as toothpaste.

In 1897, using the prescription of an old friend and professor of the University of Tokyo Nagai Nagai, Fukuhara Shinshi led Shiseido to develop a breakthrough beauty skin care lotion. Since then, cosmetics have gradually been included in Shiseido's territory.

Forever the first person to eat crabs seems to have since become the motto of Shiseido: In 1900, the effect of arbutin was discovered and whitening essence was sold; in 1971, special cosmetics for sensitive muscles were sold; in 2001, silver zeolite was included Bactericidal ingredients are used in antiperspirants.


All along, "high cost performance" and "low price" are synonymous with domestic skin care products. According to Euromonitor data, in 2017, the high / medium / mass end of the Chinese cosmetics market was 20.94 / 19.72 / 59.34, with mass cosmetics dominating, while at the same time, the high / medium / mass end of the Japanese market was evenly distributed, with a proportion of 30.15 / 29.94 / 39.91.

With reference to the growth of Shiseido, a century-old enterprise, it is not difficult to find that high-tech high-end products are the important driving force for the gorgeous transformation of local cosmetics companies.

The 100-year-old research and development of Yunnan Baiyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ’s domestically-produced mask has not taken an unusual path. When most companies are trying to get a share of the domestic cosmetics industry, they have taken the opposite route and landed in the Japanese market first.

In 2018, Caizhiji Mask appeared in Japan on behalf of the essence of China's century-old brand. The NEX technology used in the mask, the whole plant skin care concept, integrates cutting-edge scientific research results in biology, dermatology, medicine and other disciplines. After more than 10 years of precipitation, it has laid the foundation for Caizhiji to move towards the global high-end value chain. It can be said that it uses higher-than-industry standards for product control and combines the whole plant skin care concept with modern scientific research.


And to do true "domestic goods" and "cross-border" requires both internal and external training. The National Palace Museum, which loves cross-border, has won people's love again and again, because no matter how cross-border it is, the product is still beautiful.

When Shiseido's first lotion was born, it was decorated with red honeydew combined with peach bottle body, flower tags and bows, capturing the hearts of thousands of Japanese women.

At that time, Fukuhara Shinko ’s son, Fukuhara Shinzo returned from studying abroad. This young man deeply influenced by the European Art Nouveau movement completely made Shiseido ’s beauty department independent, and set up a full-time packaging design and promotion department of artisans. Such as "Father of Japanese Commercial Art" Yamafumi and other outstanding designers.

The prototype of Shiseido's most famous camellia came from the hands of Shinzo Fukuhara. Not only is the trademark, they also care about the design of the container, hoping to make customers have a pleasant experience when using care products, and lay the brand impression of "Shiseido is beautiful".

As a high-end skin care brand, Cai Zhiji has also made great efforts in terms of appearance. In October of this year, Caizhiji collaborated with Cartier designer WilliamRigoulet to lead a brand new packaging of Caizhiji plant masks to the world's top art palace, the Pompidou Centre.

Incorporating oriental aesthetics into modern art in the world, the appearance not only retains the femininity and tenderness peculiar to Oriental women, but also adds French romanticism with an international fashion sense, once again showing the high-end value of "Made in China".

When the essence of traditional culture is combined with modern technological power, and with the foundation of technology and products, brand building and market development are meaningful. With attitude and not following the trend, traditional brands can reflect the true value of contemporary domestic products.

Note: Wen / Xu Lu, public number: Wu Xiaobo channel, this article is the independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of Yibang Power Network.


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