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What men's skin care products are good for men

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With people's in-depth understanding of make-up skin care products, make-up skin care is no longer exclusive to little fairies, and more and more men are starting to care for their skin. So what are men's skincare products? Are there any good men's skincare products recommended? Let's take a look next!

Mentholatum Men

Brand introduction: Mentholatum is a relatively well-known skin care brand, and men's skin care products have also been loved by many people. Mentholatum is well-known in the United States for mint cream. Since then, many pharmaceutical products have been developed, such as skin care products such as lip balms, and OTC drugs such as mint cream, eye drops, and friction creams.

Mentholatum's star products: ice charcoal facial cleanser, energy toner, activating moisturizing cream

L'Oreal Men

Brand introduction: L'Oreal Men's is a brand launched relatively late. It is a men's professional skin care brand under the L'Oreal Paris. It was established in 2004 and launched in China in 2006. It continues to seek innovation and launches men's professional sunscreen and men's BB products Designed to tailor professional skincare products for Chinese men.

L'Oreal Men's Well-known Products: L'Oreal Men's Powerful Body Lotion, L'Oreal Men's Powerful Ice Cool Lotion, L'Oreal Men's Oil Control Cleansing Cream Series

Nivea Men

Brand introduction: Nivea Men is a subsidiary of Nivea. It is committed to developing skin care products suitable for men's skin care. It is one of the first professional men's skin care brands to enter China. It promotes the concept of effective and gentle skin care. The brand with the largest market share, so Nivea can occupy such a high position in the top ten men's skin care brands.

Nivea's well-known products for men: men's deep moisturizer, men's cleansing milk, men's water and smooth essence, men's soothing moisturizing lotion, etc.


Brand introduction: Shiseido is a very famous cosmetic brand. It is the same name under the Shiseido Group in Japan. Originally, Shiseido started as a Western-style dispensing pharmacy. Later, it developed a famous red honey lotion lotion. Gone forever. The name of Shiseido is derived from "Zhi Kun Kun Yuan, Shi Shi Sheng" in the Chinese Book of Changes. The meaning of Shiseido is to conceive new life and create new value.

Well-known Shiseido products: Shiseido men's facial cleansing cream, Shiseido men's balanced skin lotion, Shiseido men's moisturizing milk, Shiseido men's vitality firming essence milk, etc.

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