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Jia Jingwen endorsed DHC and broke the news that she would have stolen her skincare products!

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Jia Jingwen endorsed DHC and broke the news that she would have stolen her skincare products!

For 18 consecutive years, the DHC brand, which has been selling cosmetics sales No. 1 for the first time in Japan, officially announced that starting from March 1st, the inverse-age goddess Jia Jingwen was used as the spokesperson for the brand. From the time of her debut, Jia Jingwen, whether it ’s the generation of red-faced slaves in the emperor's emperor, or the wise and incomparable Zhao Min who relied on the legend of the dragon slaughter, left an impression of a goddess in the audience. She was natural, dignified, elegant, and smiled and revealed the woman The unique charm of flavor. Today, Jia Jingwen, besides being a famous actor, she is also a wife and a mother of three children. In multiple roles, facing the huge pressure of life and work, Jia Jingwen can also look like a girl with Q skin and no traces of years.

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Why does the goddess against age recommend DHC?

It is the skin care concept that DHC has always advocated to inoculate the skin with the natural beauty power of plants. DHC has carefully selected high-quality ingredients that are not burdensome to the skin, considering mildness and excellent efficacy, and has developed cosmetics that can be used on any skin type. It is the brand conviction of DHC, which coincides with Jia Jingwen's extremely professional attitude towards what she is pursuing, thus becoming an opportunity for DHC to join hands with the goddess.

And all DHC products, 100 imported from Japan, plus pure natural skin care ingredients, and high sales volume in Japan for 18 consecutive years, whether it is from the quality control of DHC, or trial word of mouth among consumer groups, DHC You can trust it.

Jia Jingwen also said, "I am very honored to cooperate with DHC this time, and thank DHC for giving me the opportunity to recommend good things to more people. I personally appreciate DHC's professional skincare attitude and strongly agree with its natural brand concept. Especially It's 'DHC Elastic Moisturizing Cream', 100 imported from Japan. When I heard about this product, I was attracted by a product with such a simple appearance and huge energy. I always hope that I am like this person Since then, DHC Elastic Extract Whitening Cream has been my daily essential skin care product. Only one bottle after cleansing can replace all the steps of lotion, lotion, beauty cream, mask, pre-makeup cream in 5 steps. One; maintaining elasticity, firmness, whitening, moisturizing, and luster in one step, the All-in-one multi-effect beauty cream allows me more time and the best state to enjoy the golden moment with my family. "

"DHC Elastic Whitening Cream" with many fans, how do you gather all your favorites and capture the goddess' heart?

DHC Elastic Moisturizing Cream, nicknamed "Gold Cream" by fans, won the first place in the gel, beauty lotion, and special care category in the Japan Cosmetics Website Communication Sales Cosmetics Awards. The entire coenzyme extract of DHC The animated series has already sold more than 20 million bottles.

Uncovering the "muscle" density of the inverse-age goddess Q bomber—10 times the upper limit in Japan * Concentration of coenzyme Q10 * compared with previous DHC products

Coenzyme Q10 has powerful beauty and skin care effects. Excellent anti-oxidant effect, help you fight against reactive oxygen, reduce normal aging marks, and at the same time promote collagen production, "DHC elastic essence moisturizing cream" adds 10 times the upper limit of Japan * concentration of coenzyme Q10, the content is second to none in the industry It can be counted. When it touches the skin, it will automatically enter the hydration and moisturizing mode, and quickly penetrate into the depths of the stratum corneum, so that beauty ingredients fill every corner of the skin, exert its effectiveness, and reshape the skin's youthful vitality.

From Jia Jingwen using TIPS

Save 10 minutes of gold every day

After finishing a day of work, there is basically no energy to spend a lot of time caring for the skin. It is very necessary to choose a simple and convenient skin care product that can manage your own skin. The "DHC elastic essence moisturizing cream" saves a lot of care time. All-in-one multi-effect beauty cream can satisfy me With all my skincare needs, I have more time to spend with my family.

Spoil yourself with golden moments

On the day I stay up all night, I am worried that I will not have a good complexion the next day. Before going to bed, I will apply a thick layer as a sleeping mask. The skin that is covered with thick coenzyme Q10 all night, wakes up the next morning, and my skin is full. Q bomb, moisturizing and shiny.

Fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the goddess this time, let's take a look at what she said:

Q: Hello, Jingwen, I have always liked you very much. I am very happy to have the opportunity to interview you this time. I have been chasing "Mom is Superman" before. I see that you are spending time with your children almost all the time. There is no skincare time. , Can still maintain the skin so well, can you follow the skin care tips with fans?

A: The three babies are too young now. Indeed, most of their energy will be focused on them, but they still have time to do fitness. Women are most susceptible to the age of the eyes. I use the DHC coenzyme extract to revitalize the eye cream. There is also a whitening eye cream that can brighten and moisturize and improve dark circles. The effect is also very good. When you're busy, it's impossible to say that sitting on the dressing table in order to skin care step by step, but as an actor, the quality of the skin is really important. Generally, at this time, use DHC elastic essence moisturizing cream, like lotion, lotion , Beauty cream, mask, makeup before the cream all these steps are omitted, after washing my face, I can apply a layer of peace of mind to take care of the children, it is still quite time-saving, the maintenance effect is also good, I still recommend everyone to try a bit.

Q: When traveling, if I can only bring 3 pieces of makeup and skin care products, what will I choose? why?

A: Can you bring only 3 pieces in total? It's harsh for girls, haha. Well, I will choose DHC olive lip balm, DHC sunscreen lotion and DHC elastic essence moisturizing cream. This lip balm, I do n’t know how many pieces have been used, the lips skin is very thin and fragile, and the lip care is also a woman A compulsory course, this lipstick has olive essence oil in it, the moisturizing effect is very good, it can make my lips look particularly moist and shiny. Then there is sun protection. No matter whether it is winter or summer, ultraviolet rays are present. This sun protection is a physical sun protection. It is waterproof and sweat-resistant. I must bring it. The last one is DHC elastic essence moisturizing cream. Because skin care is an absolute step, one bottle of DHC golden cream can replace the 5 steps of lotion, lotion, beauty cream, mask, and makeup cream. For skin care needs such as lightening, whitening, moisturizing, and gloss, replacing one bottle with multiple bottles is simply perfect.

Q: Will three babies secretly use your cosmetics / skincare? Feeling who loves beauty the most?

A: They are very beautiful. They will steal my lipstick or something. It is especially funny that I once discovered that the girl Indus and He are imitating my movements while applying the golden cream.

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