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Oil refiner opens up offline markets for precision olive farming

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Source time: 2019-10-18

With the influx of the mother and infant consumer market after the 90s and 95s, the demands of pregnant mothers who pay more attention to scientific intake, efficient feeding, and improved facial value also follow. Data show that in the mother and infant consumer market, from the perspective of penetration rate and growth rate, maternal care products and baby care products have become "new and just-needed." And a series of high-frequency hot search words such as natural, green, health, origin, organic, etc., are being continuously deepened with the increasing pursuit of consumers.

Take mouth olive oil, whose sales have increased sharply in recent years, as an example. Compared with ordinary mixed olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil with higher quality and purity is well received by consumers. Olive oil has been used in the Mediterranean countries for thousands of years, and it has been spread to China in recent years.

Olive oil skincare

Among the many olive oils, several extra virgin olive oils have the best quality, physical cold pressing retains a lot of natural nutrients, a light and pleasant plant aroma, excellent natural health effects, beauty effects and ideal cooking uses. It has, without exception, met the pregnant consumer demand for "professional and efficient, and does not mistake oneself" during pregnancy.

As a newcomer, the oil taster's extra virgin olive oil has been focusing on exploring the mother and baby market and the health field. The reason why brands use special professions such as "product oil division" to name products is to simply and intuitively convey the brand's critical and demanding quality to consumers.

Oil taster is a highly respected profession in Europe, mainly through a series of professional methods to assess the quality of olive oil. Just like a sommelier and sommelier, a professional oil taster can not only taste which country, which production area, what variety of olive oil comes from, but also infer the climate and rainfall of the year.

The extra-virgin olive oil of the oiler is selected strictly from the global olive oil core producing area of Real, Spain. The abundant sunshine and ideal soil conditions make each of the olive fruits produced here full, translucent, and exude a natural mellow fragrance. Seductive breath. In order to ensure the quality of olive oil, all olive trees are fertilized with natural flowers and herbs, sprayed without pesticides, and hand-picked without mechanical exhaust residue.

The oil taster set up the factory in a picking garden about 100 kilometers away from Madrid, which greatly shortened the transportation time. The whole process can be changed from fresh fruit to delicious in only 12 hours. Secondly, all physical cold pressing technologies are selected, without heating and chemical treatment, to retain the natural nutrition to the greatest extent. From product development, design, processing, and packaging, all are made in Spain. In addition, for special populations such as pregnant women and babies, the product is carefully formulated by the oiler to be more healthy and nutritious, which is mainly applicable to the two life scenarios of eating and maintaining.

1. Skincare and beauty

Pregnancy is something to be happy about, but many women are anxious once they are pregnant, for fear of a slight inadvertent impact on the baby's development, especially on skin care products, most pregnant mothers will choose to give up skin care and face the sky completely. Long-term non-skin care, dry skin, yellowing, aging, and fine lines will follow. These problems are irreversible once they occur.

The oiler's extra virgin olive oil contains a large amount of polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants. Compared with ordinary olive oil extra virgin olive oil, the molecules are smaller and easier to penetrate into the skin and be absorbed by cell tissues. It can effectively prevent the spots and wrinkles caused by skin oxidation and play an anti-aging role. It is definitely the best natural skin care for pregnant women.

2. Promote gastrointestinal digestion

After pregnancy, pregnant women generally tend to nourish their dietary choices. Most of these foods are hot and easy to cause constipation. Olive oil contains fat-soluble substances and carotene, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion and significantly improve the constipation of pregnant women.

Baby skincare

As soon as the baby is born, the skin is extremely delicate. You can apply a layer of olive oil every day to protect the skin. Olive oil is very soft and does not irritate the skin. Coupled with a light massage will soothe the emotions of small life, make it easier for babies to fall asleep and reduce crying.

Olive oil skincare

The oil refiner pursues the perfect combination of health and deliciousness. The brand knows that with the upgrading of consumption, more and more consumers will no longer make simple and linear decisions, but will refer to all kinds of valuable information to make comprehensive Evaluation and rational judgment.

Against this background, the oil refiner has begun a comprehensive layout of the online and offline markets, and has now entered major supermarkets. In the second half of the year, it will work with major brick and mortar stores to deepen the mother-infant market, providing more mother-infant families with high-quality goods. More and more families are enjoying pure, natural, high-quality olive oil of origin. (Photo courtesy of Oiler)

Editor-in-chief: Zhang Yang

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