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Full analysis of anti-oxidant skin care products without yellow face women

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Source time: 2018-06-17

Introduction: With the increase of age, the skin will gradually appear yellow, dull ... This is closely related to the slowdown of metabolism and oxidation. (Source: yoka fashion network)

In order to brighten the skin tone and gradually alleviate this phenomenon, whitening alone often does not achieve the desired results. This can only be achieved by combining whitening with antioxidants. This article brings you the recognized classic anti-yellow anti-oxidant skin care products, so that you can regain the whitening and beautiful skin.

NO.1: Elizabeth Arden Macross Eye Navigation Essence

Among the eye essences, Elizabeth Arden is the most well-known, especially this time-lapse gold-induced navigation eye essence truly blends the luxury of liquids with advanced technology to ease the internal and external environment on the eye skin. The potential hazards help to repair a series of problems that appear in the eyes, such as reducing puffiness, promoting circulation, softening and moisturizing, anti-oxidation, and replenishing skin nutrition. This "combination" effect makes this eye essence fully play. Its impeccable all-round eye care benefits.

Editor's comment: Extraction of plant essential oils, in addition to supplementing the matrix with CLX Gold Navigation Complex Factors, repairing damaged cells, and making the eye skin smoother and firmer. This product also contains multiple plant extracts to relieve the internal and external environment on the eye skin The potential hazards help to repair a series of problems that occur in the eyes.

NO.2: Silva Skin Forest White Mulberry Skin Conditioning Set

As the popular king of plant skin care for two consecutive years, Bai Sangyu Huan Huan Conditioning Set sells one set every 0.5 seconds on average. In addition to the popularity of many female magazines, it ranks first in the top ten Yahoo skin care products in 2014. Its essence of white mulberry extract is rich in natural antioxidants and contains active proteins that are easily absorbed by the skin. It has excellent water-holding and moisturizing effects and whitens the skin, improves fine lines and dull skin, enhances skin elasticity, and improves skin's Brightness and luster, filling each cell with vitality from the bottom of the muscles, creating a new state of skin perfection, a well-deserved hallowed beauty.

Editor's comment: White mulberry is a well-known high-efficiency antioxidant fruit. Rich white mulberry extract combined with its unique Toxide3 can effectively stimulate cell vitality and rapidly improve skin roughness and dullness, making it worthy of being an antioxidant skincare Basic entry model.

NO.3: Chanel's luxurious essence rejuvenating essence water

This luxury Chanel's May Vanilla Pod-PFA-rich luxury skin rejuvenating essence from Chanel's house in France opened the perfect prelude to women's maintenance. It can balance the skin's natural pH value and strengthen and strengthen the skin's defense function. For this reason, almost all of the most precious and luxurious active ingredients are added to this bottle of luxury essence rejuvenating water as the first step of maintenance, which is unprecedented. Of God.

Editor's comment: It has a concentration ratio equivalent to luxurious sublime active cream (SUBLIMAGECream). This is the first time in the history of beauty that multiple fractionated extractive active ingredients are used in makeup water. Has multiple effects such as excellent antioxidant and repair conditioning.

NO.4: LANEIGE Strawberry Yogurt Softening Mask

The well-known Korean brand LANEIGE has always been a favorite of women. The strawberry extract contained in this LANEIGE star mask contains rich vitamin C, contains 20 strawberry extracts, and contains 40mg yogurt extract. Effectively help skin to resist oxidation, promote collagen synthesis, purify pores and soften cuticles, make skin soft and supple, fight off dullness and add shine. With a gentle massage effect, the skin is moisturized and smoothed. More suitable for dry, tight skin.

Editor's comment: The active ingredients extracted from yogurts rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12, enzymes, calcium and protein can quickly and directly provide long-term and deep nourishment to the skin, so that the skin quickly recovers elasticity, creating softness and smoothness. Skin quality and anti-oxidant effect cannot be underestimated.

NO.5: Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Mask Night Cream

Estee Lauder, a skincare aristocratic brand, has always been the first choice of ladies. This Estee Lauder red pomegranate mask night cream is a woman's nightmare product. Red pomegranate night cream adds natural plant extracts to inject nutrients into the skin at night, while also calming down. Comfortable effect. Use at night can deeply nourish the skin, replenish the skin with moisture, repair skin cells that are harmful to the environment during the day, help accelerate skin self-renewal at night, and regain self-healing ability. Women are obsessed with it!

Editor's comment: Red Pomegranate Day Cream and Red Pomegranate Night Cream replenish skin deeply, inject energy, increase skin moisturizing factor content (NMF), strengthen skin barrier, enrich skin hydration, and regain skin youthful vitality. Red pomegranate as a classic anti-aging Oxygen upgrade is the best choice for mature MM.

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