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Oral collagen works wonders? No! Yifuquan teaches you to correct collagen

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Source time: 2019-09-17

Recently, some media reported that the online celebrity micro-business "Yan Ruyu" promoted products with "the only one that can let the body absorb more than 98 collagen" and "grow collagen quickly" and other advertisements. It was suspected of false publicity and was topped by Zhejiang Jinhua Market Supervision Bureau Penalties, fines of millions. It is understood that Yan Ruyu series products are mainly oral collagen products, which mainly supplement collagen, whitening and other effects.

Subsequently, Yan Ruyu Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. responded through an official response, and the subject of the punishment was “Jinhua Pear Bold Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, not Yan Ruyu Company; the company involved was an individual act and could not represent Yan Ruyu Company. Company violation.

Collagen skin care products

(From Yan Ruyu's official Weibo)

Although Yan Ruyu Company promptly came forward to clarify, it still fell into the center of public opinion. People are eager to pay attention to the incident, precisely because "Yan Ruyu" collagen oral solution poked people's pain points. Modern people's high pursuit of facial rejuvenation and the importance of skin collagen make them care about collagen-related events.

In addition to paying attention to the offending subjects, netizens also have doubts about the collagen in the incident: Isn't it true to eat collagen for beauty? Why am I still being punished? Now let's analyze the truth.

Oral food long collagen? Not necessarily!

Whether oral collagen can grow collagen in the skin has been controversial. In response to this, the reporter interviewed an expert and professor in a medical cosmetic institution. He smiled and said, "Is collagen useful orally? Useful, such as fatty meat, is very useful. It will break down into nutrients and enter the body Metabolism system. But the oral collagen conversion rate is extremely low, which is equivalent to not directly growing collagen, especially collagen in the skin. "It can be seen that oral collagen products can supplement the body's nutrition, but not necessarily Let our skin grow collagen.

Collagen skin care products

(Image from Yifuquan)

However, there are many "small-molecule collagen" products on the market. They claim that these products will not be broken down by the digestive tract, and can be directly absorbed by the body and converted into skin collagen products. It sounds reasonable at first, so is this true?

Mr. Gu Zhongyi, a member of the Beijing Nutritionist Association, explained this. The selling point of these products is not unusual. Essentially, the collagen is hydrolyzed to make it smaller and easier to be absorbed. But the problem is that when the skin uses amino acids to synthesize collagen, there is no difference whether it is amino acids from soybeans or "small-molecule collagen". The source of the amino acid does not affect the final synthesis effect.

Since you can't rely on the "tonic shape", can using facial masks and skin care products that contain collagen can directly absorb the skin and increase the skin's collagen content?

Skincare supplements with collagen? Not scientific!

Our skin is like a protective barrier, and it is not easy for any large molecule to get in. Collagen is a macromolecule (about 3,000 Daltons), and it is not the same order of magnitude as the largest molecule that the human epidermis can pass (about 500 Daltons). After applying collagen skin care products , they only stay on the epidermal layer, moisturizing and moisturizing the stratum corneum, and cannot reach the skin deep to replenish collagen.

Collagen skin care products

(Image from Yifuquan)

Although cosmetics technology is becoming more sophisticated, many cosmetics claim to cut large collagen molecules into small molecules that can penetrate the surface of the skin. However, there is currently no specific research demonstrating that after using cosmetics containing such "collagen", the collagen content and volume in the skin really increased.

It seems that collagen skin care products are not reliable, so is there a way to send collagen directly to the skin through the epidermis?

Medical beauty means regeneration of collagen? Safe and effective!

As early as the early 1870s, bovine collagen for injection was first introduced to remove wrinkles and scars, and achieved satisfactory results. After more than 30 years of development, medical beauty technology has entered a mature stage. A large number of studies and clinical data have proven that medical beauty can safely and effectively supplement collagen in the skin. Micro-needle injection is used to increase collagen in the skin, which is effective and low risk, and is very popular among consumers.

Collagen skin care products

Experimental data show that medical collagen dressing can effectively promote collagen regeneration)

Collagen is a natural protein of the body, and has a large affinity with protein molecules on the skin surface, good biocompatibility, and safety in biodegradation. Using medical tools such as microneedles to deliver collagen directly to the dermis layer, it can penetrate into every corner of the skin's deep layer in a short time, and play a role in improving skin texture.

It should be noted that collagen in our body is a protein with a tripeptide chain structure. In the treatment of microneedles, the more similar the collagen implant to human collagen, the better the effect. For example, human-like collagen on the market is a single-peptide collagen that is refined by genetic engineering. It has low similarity to human collagen, and can only supplement collagen in one direction, and its stability is weak. The tripeptide chain helical collagen extracted from beef tendon tends to be closer to human collagen. It can quickly and effectively replenish the damaged body collagen, strengthen the skin elastic support net, and stimulate collagen regeneration. The effect is stable and long-lasting.

Surprisingly, while Yifuquan high-energy small white bottle repairs the skin's deep tissues, the tight fiber structure can firmly lock the moisture, keep the dermis layer hydrated, and make the skin elastic and shiny.

Aging is an uncontrollable process, but we can reverse aging with rational thinking, scientific technology, and safe and effective ways to maintain the collagen of the skin and medicine to make life more beautiful!

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