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Fan Mi Lin star skin care Golden Week National Day holiday to create a goddess face

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Original title: Fan Mi Lin star skin care Golden Week, National Day holiday to create a goddess face

The end of September, which is longing for you, is finally here. Many people are already planning the National Day holiday. Traveling in the cool autumn is one of the best choices for many people. Especially women, are they already "scrapping the palms" at those "Internet celebrity" check-in tourist sites? After all, who doesn't want to blow across the beach in the breeze and enjoy the coolness and freedom that early autumn brings?

So what should you pay attention to when traveling in the fall, in addition to the daily outfits, do you have skin care products ready for traveling? Know that skin care on the go is essential. On this National Day, Fan Mi Lin will accompany you on a trip to help you create a star skincare golden week.

The sea breeze gently swayed. I believe that many friends have already included the seaside in the vacation list as early as possible. The blue sky and sea water, warm sandy beaches, and the sound of cascading waves are no more comfortable. However, at the same time, it will hide the skin killer!

"Cool" sea water

Potential skin problems: sensitive skin, causing allergies, etc .;

Most people go to the sea to feel the "cool" sea water, but the sea water is very high in salt. Some items such as swimming and diving can cause the skin to be soaked in the sea for a long time. It can easily cause skin irritation.

Celebrity skincare

"Early Autumn" by the Sea

Potential skin problems: tanning, sunburn, dry skin, dehydration, etc .;

Although it is early autumn, the sun on the seaside is still very "spicy", especially for some marine items, such as swimming, surfing, motorboats and other items that are easy to let the sun directly contact the skin. , So it may cause skin tanning, sunburn, dryness and dehydration.

Celebrity skincare

"Gentle" sea breeze

Potential skin problems: dry, rough skin, etc. ''

The sea breeze seems very gentle, but there is a hidden mystery in it, because the humidity and salinity of the sea breeze is relatively high, long-term blowing may cause dry skin and rough skin problems. Although the sea breeze usually feels nothing, and even a little cool, it is also testing your skin, so friends should pay special attention to skin care.

Celebrity skincare

So all the signs are bad for the skin, shouldn't you go to the beach? No, after all, if you are happy to go on vacation, just take good skincare measures. Don't forget to go with Fanmiline.

Van Mielin lady cream, to help you create a holiday goddess face!

This Van Miline fairy lady cream contains precious placenta extract, pearl powder, rose oil, ginseng essence and other ingredients, which can quickly penetrate into the bottom of the muscle, directly add natural moisturizing factors to the skin, and let the skin feel an unparalleled suppleness. , Locks the skin's moisture, can repair the damaged skin moisture barrier, help the skin fight against dryness, dehydration and other skin problems. It has a whitening effect on dull yellow skin and a good skin care effect on tanned skin problems.

Celebrity skincare

This National Day Golden Week, whether you go to the beach or elsewhere, you must pay attention to the condition of your skin, because no one wants to come back with a dry and peeling face. Therefore, let Fanmilin fairy lady cream "escort" for you during the holidays, so that you always maintain the "goddess face".

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