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Plant doctor channel strategy: specifically looking for gold street shops to sell cosmetics

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After the enthusiasm of Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia and Diaoye Niuyu gradually dissipated, the industry was reflecting on whether traditional enterprises need Internet thinking, and whether Internet thinking should become the "standard configuration" of enterprises.

When the reporter from China Business Daily got the business card of the CEO Xie Yong, there were three eye-catching QR codes on it. One was Xie Yong's personal WeChat account, and the other two were the official WeChat of the botanist and LOTIONSPA brand. From the perspective of Xie Yong, a company with Internet thinking only needs to do two things well: make a product that can make people scream, and then spread it to fans. Although plant doctors who have always relied on word of mouth did not deliberately use Internet thinking to expand the market, their ideas coincided with the hottest Internet thinking at the moment.

Botanical doctors who use plant skin care as their product concept have opened the first single-item specialty stores in Beijing in 2004, and have established more than 1,000 specialty stores nationwide in 2014, and have maintained a high success rate of 98. The reason why Jie Yong has such achievements is refreshing.

The most expensive lot is the safest

Du Wei from Guangyuan, Sichuan. When he joined the botanical doctor in 2011, due to cost considerations, he rented one in Guangyuan's Phoenix City (not a prime location) and opened a botanical doctor's store. The rent is 1.7 a month. 10,000 yuan, but for a few months, can only sell more than 30,000 yuan a month of goods, after deducting the purchase cost, rental costs and shopping guide wages, a month is basically a loss.

Later, at the suggestion of the botanist doctor, Du Wei found a street shop in the most central part of the old city of Guangyuan, and opened a second botanical doctor's store with a rent of 30,000 yuan. It opened on March 18, and as of the end of March, it had achieved 238,000 yuan in less than half a month. After deducting the purchase cost, rental cost and labor cost, the net profit exceeded 100,000 yuan.

"100 people who want to do 100 want to open a specialty store, but everyone knows that the risk of doing a specialty store is high, the flow of cheap shops cannot be guaranteed, and the rent of good shops is very expensive. This makes the business difficult. But we have proved through practice : The more expensive the street shop, the lower the risk. "Xie Yong said.

In the core of any city, gold shops are scarce resources. Therefore, the price is extremely expensive, and not all businesses dare to invest in it, which in turn becomes an opportunity for botanist doctors. Xie Yong calculated a bill for reporters. In a second-tier city, if you find an ordinary street shop, the initial investment may be only 170,000 yuan, although it seems that the investment is not much, it seems more secure, but it turns out that such a street Shops generally do not make money; instead, they invest 700,000 to 800,000 yuan to find the most golden street shops. It seems that the rent is high, but the return is higher, the so-called high input and high output.

"Today, labor costs are continuously increasing. Among the operating costs of many street shops, labor costs have ranked first, followed by rental costs. Therefore, if you get a good street shop, you will amortize the huge labor cost. "Xie Yong told reporters that the per-capita yield of the shop opened by Du Wei of Sichuan Guangyuan before was only 10,000 yuan, but the yield of the second shop could be 40,000 yuan. Therefore, the pressure on amortizing labor costs is minimal.

Three years ago, he began to explore open street shops and be a single-brand specialty store. The experience summarized by Jie Yong is that he must take the best locations to find the best stores. Don't be afraid of high rents, botanical doctors' products and services, And profitability can support this rent level.

Multi-SKU personalization

Walked into the botanical doctor's specialty store located on the ground floor of Kai De LL, Xizhimen, Beijing, and displayed about several hundred varieties in a space of about 70 square meters. The plant doctor's shopping guide told reporters that in fact, the plant doctor's product line has dozens of categories and thousands of SKUs, and the specialty stores display only the best-selling parts. The reporter saw that even the same product would be subdivided into products of different skin types, and this is exactly the product and service model of "skinning and matching" advocated by plant doctors.

Different from the four major skin types that are well known in the daily life, botanical doctors have finely classified the skin, paying special attention to the nuances of the 12 types of skin. For these 12 types of skin, there are corresponding product series and skin care solutions. Really achieved the right amount of skin. "The two customers who entered our store must have different cosmetics, because no one in the world has the same skin. Therefore, the products that are suitable for them are also different, because we have thousands of A SKU can be 'skinned and matched.' "Xie Yong said.

However, if you want to make consumers scream products and achieve fan communication, it is not enough to have multiple SKUs and personalized services. The technical content and R & D of products are actually more essential. To this end, Botany Doctors controls Japan Taihetang Co., Ltd., a Japanese company that manufactures pharmaceuticals and cosmeceutical products. Botanist doctors hope to use its advanced research and development and manufacturing processes to improve product quality. Has become a plant doctor's R & D center in Japan.

"After completing the holding of Taihetang, on the one hand we need to use him to find high-quality products and partners in Japan, on the other hand, we can also use their technology to help domestic factories improve product quality. They will come regularly Guangzhou factory sampling inspection and request, with the improvement of production level, the Guangzhou factory has also begun to produce Japanese orders and export to the Japanese market. "Xie Yong said.

In addition, some high-end brands of botanical doctors—LOTIONSPA ’s products are also commissioned by French factory OEMs. As the world ’s leading cosmetics country, French cosmetics companies are the most advanced in product formulation, addition technology and brand building, and French cosmetics companies are very focused and still maintain the genes when they started.

Of the more than 1,000 botanical doctor stores nationwide, except franchised stores, most of the franchise stores are joined by botanical doctor members, and botanical doctor members have exceeded 1.5 million. These data seem to confirm the "fan spread" from one side. "the power of.

Focus on street shop channels

In his early years, botanical doctors once occupied a place in Watson's channel. However, in the end, they abandoned the Watsons channel and lost tens of millions of yuan. Everyone knows that Watsons is a cosmetic "supermarket". As long as it can enter more than 1,000 franchised stores across the country, it means that the sales scale can be expanded rapidly.

But Xie Yong didn't think so: "Watson's cannot provide sufficient services and brand concepts for each brand, which can lead to short-term sales, but it cannot promote the brand. To become a true brand, it must have an independent storefront. , If there is an image display, the service can be improved. "

Although opening a street shop store is more expensive, more risky and more difficult to operate than setting up a counter in a franchised channel. But Xie Yong believes that only in a highly competitive industry can a great brand be achieved, and independent specialty store channels are the best channels to extend the brand and enhance the brand.

Since 2010, botanical doctors have begun to adjust the channels, on the one hand, gradually abandoning franchise channels such as Watsons, and on the other, gradually letting go. Xie Yong said frankly, in fact, the attitude of opening the franchise channel is very cautious. Because in the six years from 2004 to 2010, the botanical doctor has been doing channel break-in work, spent more than six years opening more than 100 direct-operated stores, and has accumulated more experience and lessons in direct-operated chains. , Also cultivated a large enough direct sales team. It was not until the direct management had matured enough and accumulated enough experience that it began to release franchise.

"In this industry, many companies have started to develop franchise after only making a few model shops. This is actually taking the money of franchisees to take risks and experiments. We have spent 6 years and already know the market very well. Many of the problems encountered have coping methods and strategies, and also cultivated a large number of front-line direct chain talents, which can help franchisees to open stores and operate better. "Xie Yong emphasized.

In order to ensure the interests of the franchisees, the botanical doctor also set up a repurchase policy. For investors with poor operating performance and unintentional operations, the botanical doctor will buy back their stores for direct sales.

From Jie Yong's point of view, good location, good storefront, good products, and good people, such franchisees will definitely succeed. Only by following business rules can you make truly good things.

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