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Lotionspa join hands to raise the sky and create a new ecosystem for healthy skin

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Lotionspa, which started to maintain Tianhe this month, is currently putting new products on the shelves. In the Lotionspa counter of Yangtianhe, you can already see the aloe nano gold moisturizing and whitening series, cucumber melon soothing and moisturizing series, eye care series, VC whitening and flawless series, luxury platinum rose water feeling white Series, petal mask series, green tea acne series and other major series of products, a total of more than 280 models, the first time to provide consumers with the best and latest consumer experience.

For urban white-collar workers who have been facing computers for a long time, long-term computer radiation is often prone to fatigue, dry skin and aging, and no gloss. Aloe Nano Gold Hydrating Whitening series is more suitable for this type of people. Its fresh and clean texture can quickly soothe dry and tired skin. The physical stability and electronic adsorption of nano-active gold are used to make aloe, Baiji, etc. more Multi-plant extracts give full play to the awakening and repairing functions of tired and senescent cells, lastingly moisturizing and alleviating fatigue, leaving the skin moisturized, plump and full of luster. This series currently has more than a dozen products including aloe pure water moisturizing spray (anti-radiation), aloe nano gold hydrating facial mask, aloe nano gold hydrating and whitening BB cream (clear type), aloe nano gold hydrating and whitening eye gel and so on. Shelves.

Dryness, dehydration, fragility, and fine lines are also very common skin problems, especially when people reach middle age. These problems become more serious. This is very effective for Lotionspa's Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Series and Luxurious Petal Platinum Rose Water Sensitive White Series.

Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Series of Cucumber Extract can moisturize and lock skin moisture for a long period of time. It can quickly replenish moisture to dry skin, significantly improve fine lines, restore smoothness and fullness, and make skin supple and smooth. The main products are Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Isolator, Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Cleansing Milk, Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Beauty Cream, Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Gel, New Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing Beauty Cream and so on.

The supply of pure rose essential oil can give the skin sufficient moisture, make the skin delicate and smooth, and with the nano-platinum's water-holding effect, it can further improve the skin's moisturization. Effectively hides skin blemishes and fits tightly into the skin, creating delicate, natural, fresh and moisturized skin. Rose Active Whitening Moisturizing Isolator, Rose Active Whitening Moisturizing Hand Cream, Rose Active Whitening Moisturizing Essence Cream (Refreshing Type), Rose Active Whitening Moisturizing Facial Mask (One Pack), Rose Seed Oil Dark Circles Busting Sleeping Eyes Products such as film have always been praised by customers.

Making a mask is an indispensable task in modern urban life. The petal mask series uses a variety of petals as raw materials, and uses its different effects to make targeted petal masks. Calendula has a dual whitening effect that prevents melanin from invading the skin and restores fairness; elderberry petals can increase skin gloss and effectively tighten the facial skin, alleviating skin aging; strawberry whitening mask uses strawberry extract and a variety of The nutritional ingredients effectively help the skin to resist oxidation, promote the synthesis of collagen, purify the pores and soften the stratum corneum, make the skin tender and soft, and restore a transparent and clear texture. In addition, there are more than a dozen petal masks such as osmanthus, jasmine, and heather, each with its own characteristics.

There are acne, acne, acne, and acne on the skin that make many people helpless. Lotionspa's green tea acne series has a strong acne effect. Its products have the essence of green tea, go deep into the source, dilute the acne marks, condense the large pores, improve the skin's luster, roughness, dullness and aging, so that the skin makes the skin bright and smooth, delicate and smooth, with Yang Tian and self-owned Kang Jingyuan grains The effect of edible conditioning is better. The main products are: Green Tea Acne Cleansing Gel, Green Tea Acne Cleansing Mask, Green Tea Acne Cleansing Gel and so on.

VC whitening and flawless series is mild and non-irritating. The gentle and delicate foam can deeply clean the dirt in the pores, let the skin breathe smoothly, and enhance the penetration of the skin's stratum corneum. Use in combination with Green Tea Acne Series to remove dark, dark yellow and dull haze. Nearly 10 products, including VC Whitening Flawless Isolation Milk, VC Whitening Flawless Cleansing Milk, and VC Whitening Flawless Eye Cream, have been praised by members.

In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned major series of products, some of Lotionspa's newly developed products are also landing in Yangtianhe. Green, low-carbon, healthy and fashionable are the key words of the new ecological urban life. Lotionspa has always been paying attention to the "plant skin care experts", as well as Yangtian and its own green fashion and healthy image, adding vitality to our lives.

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