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Rocore Matcha Salon gathers with members in Xi'an for a skin care and pet journey

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Every woman wants to have the healthiest and most beautiful skin and enjoy the magical transformation brought about by the essence of plants in the dry winter. On December 28, 2014, imported high-end SPA-class skincare brand LOTIONSPA, together with Song Ce, the Asian nude makeup godfather, held the Winter Matcha Beauty Skin Salon at Xi'an SEG Shopping Center to present the secrets of winter skin beauty to members.

Add a bit of "Matcha" to your skin, beautify your body, mind and muscles

The popular concept of "therapy" in recent years, as well as the emphasis on SPA maintenance, are designed to encourage people to calm down and focus on their self and physical and mental feelings. LOTIONSPA Loose, an international brand of "care for star-damaged muscles", combines natural SPA beauty treatments with daily maintenance and is specially designed for Asian skin. It is selected from Japan, France, Italy and other parts of the world for plant extracts and essences. , Integrate top-level beauty technology, let every inch of skin enjoy SPA-level care. LOTIONSPA is a skin care brand designated by the China Film and TV Make-up Committee, and is known as "skincare products for makeup artists".

Spokesperson for matcha beauty series, the secret of winter skin beauty

As the spokesperson for the Moisturizing Matcha Beauty Moisturizer series, Mr. Song Ce has his own unique "beauty customization" for skin care. He does not follow the trend blindly. In his opinion, only to find his unique beauty is the sign of true fashion. Since his debut, he has touched almost all the faces of popular stars and supermodels. He found that after the makeup star looks beautiful and bright, but I do not know the dry, sensitive, rough, dull, enlarged pores and other skin problems caused by long-term excessive makeup!

Not only celebrity skin care is troubled in this regard, but also the skin problems such as dehydration, dryness, and sensitivity that are common among Asian women. How to care for damaged muscles? How to hydrate skin on dry and cold winter days? At this time, Mr. Song Ce, the matcha salon, unveiled the mystery of matcha hydrating and protecting damaged skin.

In order to show the fans the correct skin care method , Mr. Song Ce demonstrated it personally and experienced the matcha SPA-level treatment for the fans. From makeup remover, cleansing to spa experience, it is all meticulous and detailed, and it is also mentioned that spa is a brand new SPA experience. It uses the golden scientific ratio of matcha water and matcha cream to reconcile, and professional massage techniques can increase skin care product penetration 300! Effectively solve the problem of skin nourishment! Mr. Song Ce especially emphasized that this was authorized by Japan Institute of Original Therapy, and the experiment proved to be more justified.

Tea for nobles, youth special drink for skin

The coreless matcha beauty moisturizing series uses the Japanese national grade matcha raw material Kyoto Uji Matcha powder, and uses the traditional Japanese manual grinding technique to obtain matcha extract with 200 times higher antioxidant power than vitamin E, which can effectively remove skin active oxygen and improve dullness. , Yellow gas, premature aging and other issues. With the zero-pollution spring water under Mount Fuji, it deeply moisturizes the skin and creates a moisturizing and youthful youth for a long time.

Live interaction, wonderful gifts

After a deeper understanding of how to take care of the dry muscles in winter, we came to the wonderful interactive session on the spot. If you get it right, you will get a beautiful gift , and even a heart-warming gift! If you want to get a great gift, you have to act! At any link you choose, members can choose any heart-warming gift, and they can also give extra nice gifts. The scene is bursting. Everyone has participated in it and got the big prize!

As an imported high-end skin care brand, LOTIONSPA has always advocated "care for celebrity damaged muscles". With its high-end image and imported quality, it has won the favor of many members! The purpose of this event is to thank members for their support and love for the brand. LOTIONSPA's professional SPA skincare concept and commitment to beauty look forward to your participation.

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